Monday, June 9, 2008

This Week....

Here are some sweet little ACEO original paintings I will be listing this week.

The top painting is titled..."It's Going To Be A Good Day". This is such a sweet and rustic little piece, I know it will quickly go to a good home.

The middle painting...."Goodbye, but Not Forever"..captures the feelings we have when we have to leave our favorite pet, to go off to college...or even summer camp.

The bottom painting... "A Quick Dip" is just darned cute. My little gal is dipping her feet into a pail of cold water...a quick fix for those hot days coming up.

I will list all three of these pieces, no later than Tuesday evening. I have several more...with the same sweet girls...sketched out. I'm hoping I can have them ready to list on Tuesday....if not..then I'll list them later on Thursday or Friday.

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