Saturday, October 22, 2011

DIY Garbage Bag Witch Costume

I'm working on some Halloween Lenses on Squidoo.
This is my own 'design'...hopefully the pattern is easy enough to follow.
To see the written this link.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Halloween Clip Art For You to Use

Right click on any image you wish to use...
and 'save as'.

I will be adding free to use graphic art pictures
that you can use for DIY Halloween costumes,
or whatever.
I will add whatever items I think you would be able to use
periodically, as I get them done.

The above picture is a 'label' for a DIY Jelly Bean 
Halloween Costume.

Friday, August 26, 2011


I don't have a lot of new 'stuff' in any one category
in my CMZart Zazzle Shop
but I have quite a lot of 'stuff'
in general.

It's a little hard...with one Etsy Shop,
a Bonanza Shop,
a Fine Art America Shop,
3 Zazzle Shops,
3 Blogs,
and a few other shops and and there...
to set aside all the time I need for just one.

My Etsy Shop takes most of my time..
as it is my busiest shop...
but I like a challenge..
and I like keeping
I do what I can...when I can..
with my other shops.

I have sketched out a batch of designs for Christmas merchandise..
ornaments..and the such.
Hopefully I'll get them finished up in Photoshop
in time for the Holiday Shopping Season.

Oh yeah...and it's my birthday this week-end...
maybe I'll take that day off:)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A move, some down time and change

I am getting adjusted to moving to a new to me anyway.
I find that I've become a creature of habit and routine
and both have been battered.
My habits and my routines have had to take on
some major changes...
so I am still getting adjusted to the change.

My work routine has been most affected...
I think having the grandbabies for six hours on the weekdays
plays a big part in this...
but school starts in just two or three weeks
so things will maybe get back to normal then.

In the meantime...I have added new items
to my
CMZ Art Zazzle Shop
and my
Tuscan Art Zazzle Shop.

In the coming weeks I'll be adding a LOT more to both shops...
with heavy emphasis on a line of greeting cards
and some smaller gift items.

I've posted a couple photos of my newest items.

Monday, May 9, 2011

It has been a while...

I haven't done any new CMZ Art pieces in quite a while...
and it may be fall before I'm able to do anything new.

Skittles is now four months old and she is still quite the little handful...
I LOVE it!
She does require enough attention that it's all I can do to keep up with
my Rustic Goth pieces.  

This summer, Jaime and I will be watching my two youngest grandbabies
so their parents can work....
this will cut into any spare time I have available...
so you see my dilemma.
I am hoping though...that by fall, Skittles won't need quite as much of my time.

She's a lot like have a mischievous little toddler at the moment...
she puts things in her mouth that she's not supposed to...
she still thinks nipping is's not...and her little teeth are sharp...
and we're still working on the potty training...
she's much better but still not completely 'there'.

So this blog will surely 'suffer' as a result of
'no new news'.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New look for my Zazzle Shop

I've got a new look and a handful of new items
in my CMZ Art Zazzle Shop.

I'm loving the new iPhone cases...
this case...
just seemed appropriate.
It's one of my favorites.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Skittle Update...

Since I spend so much time trying to teach my 'baby'
acceptable behavior...
I've got all kinds of stories I could tell.

I really do love this little 'sweetie'...
sometimes she's not really much of a 'sweetie'...
but I love her even at those times.

The first couple of times I took her outside...
she was just having 'none' of it.
She wouldn't venture more than six inches away from my feet.'s a whole different matter.
Problem is...I 'should' have a completely fenced in back yard
but I don't.

My darned neighbor decided to redo his fence...last summer/fall.
And it's still not done.
He wanted my landlord to allow the fence guys to drive their
trucks over my back yard...and my landlord said 'no'. of my back fence were 'moved'
so they could get back to my neighbors fence.
But..because there is only a concrete wall with poles
sticking out of it...
they won't put the fence back until his fence is done
So....Jaime and I took Skittles out the very first really nice day...
and it turns out...she now LOVES the outdoors.
She runs around in circles, rolls through the leaves
and tries to find a way to 'vex' me.
She found it...the little bit of fence behind my garage..
unbeknownst to me...
had also been removed...
and Skittles found it.

My gosh...she was nearly to the road before I caught her!!
I really wished my neighbor would hurry up and get his darned fence
put up...he's beginning to irritate me:(

Friday, March 25, 2011

New Character Paintings

I've painted some new 'character' paintings that just
don't seem to "fit in" on my
Rustic Goth Etsy site...
even though that's where I have a couple of them
listed, at the moment.

This painting is titled...'Poppy'
and she's painted as an OSWOA
'Original Small Work of Art'
on a 4.5 x 6" piece of Acrylic Paper.

I also have 'Sunflower'
and one still untitled...featuring the little girl and a little boy.

As soon as I have some canvas paintings replace them..
I will be pulling the new character paintings
from my Rustic Goth Shop and putting them in my
CMZ Art Bonanza Shop.

I like doing these little pieces...
I just need to find them the right 'home'.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

In this New Year

I'm working, as I can, on my
CMZ Art Bonanza Shop.

It will be the only place exclusive to my
'sweet' CMZ Art pieces.

I don't have many items in the shop at this time...
since I'm working primarily on getting new items in my
Rustic Goth Shop first.

I'm pretty happy with how things are going there,
so I've begun working on new items for
my CMZ Art Shop.

I've listed some new 'positive thoughts' posters...
and some of my 'cute' characters.
I will be painting some new character pieces, working on
new posters, and filling this shop
with pieces that are exclusive to it.

I'm actually very excited about what all I have planned there!