Monday, June 30, 2008

This week's Sneek Peek... and more...

I got a few paintings done this past Saturday...three of them for my CMZ Art Shop.
I've 'resurrected' some of my my older paintings into new ideas. Note the new 'take' on my old 'Tree of Hearts'.
I've taken some elements from my 'Jewel Tree' series and added some new bits of interests...namely the little firefly/fairy presence.

'Wind Swept'
12" x 16"
Acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas.
This piece will be listed early Monday morning.

'Fondest Memories'

6" x 6"

Acrylics on 1.5" Gallery Wrapped Canvas

I am a 'child of the fifties'....cardigan sweaters...cute little hats..knee high socks and a girl's best friend....This painting was inspired by my 'fondest memories'.

This piece will be listed Monday (this) afternoon.


'Summer Solstice'

11" x 14"

Acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas

I will list this painting early Tuesday morning.


If I can get them finished, with everything I have going on this week, I may have some new prints to list in the shop later in the week. If I get them ready, I'll post a preview here...if not, well, there's always next week:)


About Sundays....

I take Sunday's is The Day of Rest, after all. I sometimes get some rest...but, mostly it is a good time to spend with my children and grandchildren...I do enjoy them so much!

Since several of my children do not have the internet...I've elected not to try to do any listings, renewals, correspondence, etc...while they're here.


I am soooo pleased with the paintings I've previewed here that I plan to offer open edition prints once the originals have sold.

But, I have other original paintings in mind, so look for new pieces in the coming weeks. I've got a 20" x 24" in the works (in the same whimsical tree style as posted here) may be ready next week...if all goes well.


Sunday, June 29, 2008

My 'hoopty'...

I got myself a car! Well, Jaime and I went half and half...and it is a 'hoopty'...but, that's okay. I didn't buy it for just needs to run well. I'll be transporting grandchildren, packages, groceries, materials, supplies...and what have you..and I don't want it to break down mid-journey.
My son-in-law says he can fix anything that might need fixing..give it a general tune-up..change the oil....and all of make sure that it's as "good as new"...or as "good as new" as a 92 Ford Taurus with more than 200k miles can be.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

I've got high hopes for this week-end! It's supposed to be sunny...finally...all week-end and I want to get as many paintings going as possible!

I got a new shipment of canvas...some new paints...and a few ideas!

I should have two or three new canvas pieces ready by Monday or Tuesday!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

I Want A Maltipoo...

Who wouldn't want one of these adorable little love muffins...I mean, really, they are about as cute as a bug's ear...don't you think?
I can't have one...I'm a renter and my landlord says...'absolutely not'...but, I still want one...and day....

"MaltiPoos are a maltese-poodle cross breed and very loving and gentle.
Maltipoos are very people oriented and want to be with you all the time. They will even sleep with you, if you let them!
I realize these statements are direct from the breeder...yes, I have it marked as a favorite in my IE.

My first introduction to this breed was during one of my husband's hospital stays. Occasionally there are some folks who bring pets into the hospital, as a therapy of sorts for the patients. While my husband thought the little guy was cute and all that...I was instantly 'in love'.

The dog was several years old but no bigger than a young was absolutely docile and loving, without doing the licking thing that so many breeds tend to do. I don't mind an occasional lick, mind you, but I don't want to be molested by my pet, either. It just seemed the 'perfect fit' for me...small enough to almost fit in my pocket, docile and gentle without being nervous and skittish. I'm not sure if they bark or not, I am sure this particular pet must have had some training, or something, to be able to come into the hospital and remain so quiet.

Anyway...I made list of my favorite things..and this little guy is toward the top....isn't he just adorable!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Aprons, t-shirts and more...

I have been working on some new products for my CMZ Art Zazzle Shop. Apron, t-shirts, doll cut out cards, caps, mousepads...and more.

I've got quite a few pieces in various stages of completion, but I am hoping everything I have in progress, should be finished by the week-end.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Cafe Press Shop

I have to be honest....I tend to frequently forget about my shop on Cafe Press. It hasn't been a 'fruitful' shop...I've made way more money from my Zazzle Shop.
But, I do like a couple of the pieces I have at Cafe Press, so I tend to hang on to it.

Here are a few of my 'fav' pieces on Cafe Press....

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Like Butter

I don't like margarine. Even if it is supposed to taste like butter, and they "can't believe it's NOT", I can tell.

I will cook with it...sometimes,... but when it comes to my rolls and my bread...I want the REAL stuff. None of the artificial...whatever the heck it really is...stuff for me!
I think it started when I was a child. Being from a large working family, (I was the oldest of five children), we did not use real butter. It was the sticks of colored shortening for us.

But, whenever I visited my grandmother, it was like going out to eat at a fine dining establishment, there it a long thin dish, with a silver lid that fit just perfectly, a long yellow stick of REAL butter! How wonderful!

How very grown up it felt to spread the creamy butter over a thin slice of Roman Meal bread. None of the fake stuff for her...even her bread was brand name!

Then, raising my own children, six of them...we purchased whatever 'goop in a tub' was on sale, slapped it on the "on sale" bread and managed. I don't suppose any of us suffered too much...although I'm sure we were filling ourselves full of trans-fatty acids, or whatever it is that they are now trying to 'outlaw' in some restaurants these days. I always wanted to use real butter but, couldn't quite justify the cost of it until I heard a report on T.V. one day...

they were talking about margarine.

In essence, this is what the report said..."Did you know that margarine is ONE MOLECULE away from being PLASTIC! YOU can try this yourself: get a tub of margarine and leave it in a shaded area. Within a couple of days you will note a couple of things: no flies, not even those pesky fruit flies, will go near it (that should tell you something)... it does not rot or smell differently... because it has no nutritional value, nothing will grow on it... even those teeny weeny microorganisms will not a find a home to grow.


Because it is nearly plastic.

Would you melt your tupperware and spread that on your toast?"

I have no idea if this is true or not....I just needed an excuse to buy I have one.

Monday, June 23, 2008

In The Shop This Week....

My shop is currently 'undergoing rennovations'....

I am leaving my shop 'intact' until I complete the projects I am currently working on. At that time, I will be discontinuing many items in my CMZ Art shop and replacing them with the new items.

Hopefully I can achieve this, with the co-operation of everyone involved, by July 1st.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

...and yet afraid.

As the second anniversary of my husband's passing is barely behind me, I still find myself struggling with the memories of those last days spent at the hospital and facing what would be the inevitable conclusion of the cancer battle.

I think this may be why I prolonged the quest of getting my studio completed..and all of the other partially completed projects I find myself in the middle of. I tend to get depressed at this time of year...(you see, my husband and I were once referred to as 'siamese twins' seldom saw one without the other) it becomes painfully obvious that, "one of the 'twins' has been removed."

I ran across a blog with a very interestingly titled post. The post led me to the following poem which... kind of puts my current life (alone) into perspective for me.

Edgar Lee Masters (1868–1950).

Spoon River Anthology. 1916. 64.

George Gray

I HAVE studied many times

The marble which was chiseled for me—

A boat with a furled sail at rest in a harbor.

In truth it pictures not my destination

But my life.

Sorrow knocked at my door, but I was afraid;

Ambition called to me, but I dreaded the chances.

Yet all the while I hungered for meaning in my life.

And now I know that we must lift the sail
And catch the winds of destiny

Wherever they drive the boat.

To put meaning in one’s life may end in madness,

But life without meaning is the torture

Of restlessness and vague desire—
It is a boat longing for the sea and yet afraid.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Through The Years...

I used to write all the time...when my children were small and my husband worked nights...

in those days, there wasn't enough decent programming on TV to worry about too many distractions....I would put the kids to bed, sit down and write until my husband got home.

I wrote poems, children's stories, song lyrics but, mostly,... I just wrote my thoughts...

(true, they were for my eyes only, but I couldn't imagine then, who else would want to read them.)

Who could have known then, that one day, a whole bunch of people would be doing that very same thing and for an audience much larger than themselves....? I am surprised at how very candid my posts have been, since writing and posting my very first blog 3 years ago. Even though we post our blogs for millions to read (should we be so lucky) most blogs that I have written, and read, still seem so very personal in nature.

Maybe it's just the times we are living in....with the distance between us, the long working hours, the TV programs, internet, games and so many other things to distract us and keep us from talking to each other, we still have a need to 'talk to someone' we blog.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The mess that is....

...oh where to begin....

My work habits....oh my!!!

You couldn't tell by looking...but, I really do prefer a clean house! I would like to blame it on my grandchildren...but,'s me! I have stacks of old mail...(almost all of it could be just thrown away)...lots of 'memorabilia' (I'm keeping these)...baskets of 'things I might need someday'...I could go on and on!

If I just toss the mail and the 'things I might someday need'...I'd get rid of 50% of the clutter that is my home!

Then there's my schedule...

I haven't been able to go to bed before 5-5:30 am (usually more like 6-6:30) for more than two that means I don't get up until 1-1:30---and the grandkids come at 2:30. I can't really get to work until well after 10 pm. (and if I've had a busy day...well I don't get much done on those days.)

My work habits...

...I try to work on new pieces everyday. Too often I spend hours and hours on a piece that just doesn't turn out..then, I try to work twice as hard the next day.....and....well,... that's not working out.
I hope I don't have to take a 'working vacation' to establish some better work habits...but, we'll see.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Day AFTER June 18th...

I wasn't sure how yesterday would go...I thought about a lot of things I could probably do to keep myself and my mind busy..finally, I just decided to 'let the day be what it would be'...

Ryan was supposed to take Jaime and I shopping...he was sick. But, we did rope Patrick into taking us out....(I really need to get a car...)

In all of the years and years of shopping I have done....I had NEVER been inside a Sam's Club! Really...NEVER! With six children you would have thought my husband and I would have been first in always had our favorite grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations...and so on. And, we were both very loyal to our 'favorites'.

I digress...back to our shopping trip...who knew what was available at Sam's...bubble wrap for half of what we've been paying (for the exact same quality)...same with tape...just our shipping supplies savings more than paid for a year's membership...really...who knew??? Probably everybody..but me!

I can't say that I had a GREAT day...but, I did go somewhere I'd never been before...

June 18th

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Winner selects...'Taking Flight'

My print drawing/ give away winner....Wendy A...has selected the print...'Taking Flight'.

Since I only had two entries, I decided it only seemed fair to have a 'runner up', Lori Lee will be receiving her selection....'Ticking Away The Moments'.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Sneek Peek...

Here is a 'sneek peek' at several paintings I will be listing this afternoon (Monday).

"Almost Sunset"

Acrylic on 18" x 18" gallery wrapped canvas

"Six Tuscan Poppies"

Acrylic on 6"x6" Gallery Wrapped Canvas

"Three Tuscan Poppies"

Acrylic on 6" x 6" Gallery Wrapped Canvas

I will list these pieces the first part of the week.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

My studio is 'up and running'...

I am completely studio is operational...and I spent my day painting some new paintings for both sites.
Look for some new pieces in the shop this coming week!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I Need a New Tea Pot

...I really hate to put my old one away. My husband bought it for me five years ago...after I burnt up one while I was playing Poker on the internet. This one has a whistle...he figured I wouldn't set the house on fire that way.

But now, there's a rattling in my tea pot and I fear soon that all sorts of 'who knows what' will get into my tea...and 'yuck'..I dread to think of what I might be drinking.

I've seen so many cute tea this one from TeaPot Treasures ... but, I really do need one that whistles.

In the meantime...I guess I'll have to use the microwave!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Me and Reality TV...

I am 'hooked'.
Top Chef --- congratulations Stephanie.
Project Runway --- Christian was just fierce!
Hell's Kitchen --- wow -- Christine or Corey?
Meerkat Manor --- animal reality -- love the little creatures.
Lemur Kingdom -- what is going to happen to the 'Graveyard Gang'?
Flipping Out --- what oh what is Jeff Lewis going to do this season?
American Idol -- my David won:)
Survivor --- I was pulling for Amanda.
The Mole --- I think it's Bobby.
Top Model -- way to go Whitney!

I'm also taking in...
Food Network's Next Star...I consider it a cross between Top Chef and Design Star.
Design Star...I caught the first two I've scheduled the series of this one as well.

What I don't do though...
Tila thanks.
Bret Michaels...I don't think so.
Bachelor..and, no, no!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

New places

I sell most of what I sell through my two Etsy Shops. I just LOVE Etsy!

But, I also offer products in several other online shops as well. I mention these from time to time...and I think it is time...once promote those shops as, several of them offer items that cannot be found elsewhere.

The first is my CMZart/ Rustic Goth Shop on Zazzle. Here is a sampling of the products I offer here.......please note.........I am in the process of adding a lot of new items in this shop.

Art Cards Wanted

I am offering several original ACEOs and some ACEO prints that are no longer available in either of my Etsy Shops on this site.

CMZ Art on Squidoo

Come and visit me here...this is a brand new lens on Squidoo...I did my first lens in December of 2006. I enjoy doing a lens here and there...I'm trying to learn a little more about marketing and self promotion.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What I've been 'up to'....

Whenever one starts a brand new project...without any specific instructions or patterns...especially in an area outside of one's 'expertise' takes a little more time. That has been the case with me this past week or so.

It will benefit my Rustic Goth Shop...more than the CMZ Art first...but, the knowledge that I gain from this project will assist me in the projects I have planned for CMZ Art. is a picture of what I have been working on.

I have designed a line of art dolls based on my original characters featured in my original paintings and prints for Rustic Goth. The head and hands are painted with acrylic paints, and the body is made from muslin...stuffed with Fiberfill and weighted with rice. I still have a few 'kinks' to work out...but, I am hoping to have several dolls ready for that shop by this time next week.

Then, I want to switch to a couple of my CMZ Art original characters and see what I can design as art dolls.

I have recently listed a few original ACEO paintings and hope to have a few more ready by the end of the week-end.

Monday, June 9, 2008

This Week....

Here are some sweet little ACEO original paintings I will be listing this week.

The top painting is titled..."It's Going To Be A Good Day". This is such a sweet and rustic little piece, I know it will quickly go to a good home.

The middle painting...."Goodbye, but Not Forever"..captures the feelings we have when we have to leave our favorite pet, to go off to college...or even summer camp.

The bottom painting... "A Quick Dip" is just darned cute. My little gal is dipping her feet into a pail of cold water...a quick fix for those hot days coming up.

I will list all three of these pieces, no later than Tuesday evening. I have several more...with the same sweet girls...sketched out. I'm hoping I can have them ready to list on Tuesday....if not..then I'll list them later on Thursday or Friday.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

An experiment...

I do enjoy writing my blogs (though I may not be the best or most interesting writer in the world...I do try)...I also enjoy reading other blogs. I have to be careful though, or I could spend a great amount of time (that I can't really afford to spend) reading blogs. I even tend to go to the archives, to find out more about the writers of the blogs I am most enamoured with.
After several years of writing...yes, I do have several blogs...I have decided to experiment with 'structure'....and...I've decided to use this blog for the experiment. We'll give it a month or so and see how it goes. If I like how it works out, I may expand it to my other blogs as well.
I will begin this new 'structured' experiment with tomorrow's post....'This week at CMZ Art'

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Gearing Up For A Busy Week-End

Yay!!! Meerkat Manor is Back....I really have missed watching much so that I rewatched a number of the episodes from last well as the "Making Of"...the Movie...and 'The Scientists Behind' is one of my all time favorites shows. While it was on break though, I did enjoy Lemur Kingdom and anxiously await it's return as well.

If I am a fan of something...I get pretty OCD about it....thank god for DVR's.

I am wanting to write a quick post, (late on Friday...but posting Saturday) so that I can start getting busy, gearing up for a very full week-end. I've got some ACEOs planned, maybe a new painting...maybe...the new projects are still in planning stages, but I'd like to get started on those.........and then, my youngest grand-daughter's THIRD birthday is on Saturday.

She told me today that the next time I see her (Sunday) she is going to be 'a big girl'.."as big as you and Jaime" (her aunt - who helps me watch Ava and her brother, Simon, every weekday afternoon.)

Since Sunday's are family days....and my day 'off'...we always do family birthdays on the Sunday closest. So, she'll have a party with her parents and brother tomorrow, with her other grandparents early Sunday and then with me and her aunts and uncles late Sunday....whew!

Sharing a thought...

I was conversing with my oldest daughter, who has recently been promoted to a managerial position with the large insurance company that I too used to be part of. I'm happy for her success within the company...for her. But, I am so, so, so glad that I am no longer part of all of that.
Maybe I just wasn't 'corporate material'...I certainly couldn't handle the constant...and most inconsistent...changes. I always figure, 'why fix something that isn't broken....?'
I was fearful that my spirit would be broken if I stayed beyond the seven years I managed to withstand. What a good choice for me...granted, I didn't walk away with much retirement...and I was severely penalized for taking it...instead of waiting until I was retirement age....but...oh well. It gave me almost two years with my husband that I wouldn't have had if I had continued to stay. And, one of those years we didn't even have to think about the cancer and all that we were facing....what a blessing my early 'retirement' turned out to be.

Friday, June 6, 2008

I HAVE A Treasury West.

I haven't done a Treasury in busy as I am, I still thought I'd like to try to get one...if possible. Since I didn't have long to the Treasury West...I decided to grab one.

It WAS titled...'Gorgeous Shades of Browns'

I really love various combinations of browns, blacks and golds....especially when this is 'more or less'...selections with those colors in mind. Catch it ends in 2 days...late Saturday or very early Sunday am.

And...yes I did include one of Jaime's paintings in my Treasury...because I love it and it is what inspired me to do this Treasury.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I'm a Recycler...

I've always been somewhat of a recycler...even before we knew there was a problem with overflowing landfills..non biodegradables..the ozone layer and global warming. My family just said I was a 'pack rat''s true. I hate to throw things away...especially if I can find some use for it..maybe not right away..but, sometime in the future.

I have saved egg cartons, magazines, newspapers, grocery bags, boxes that things come in, cologne bottle lids, scraps of name it...I tend to save it. And, I find uses for many of the items I've packed away.

I use cardboard from various boxes, to keep my art prints from bending during mailing. I'll even reuse bubble envelopes if I can.

My husband used to tell me no, when I asked if I could ride along to the landfill...he just knew I'd find something 'useful' to tote back felt a little like 'treasure hunting'

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I am on a quest...

I am not only organizing my work spaces...I am attempting to organize all of my 'computer work'.

I write two blogs on a (more or less) regular basis...this one and my Rustic Goth one.... then another two or three...on a much-much less regular basis. (I know that is not good grammar..but, I usually say what I mean to say...even if it isn't grammatically accurate...even in my writing.)

Anyway...I also have several art sites...not including my two Etsy shops...that I list on..from time to time. These include: (without links)

Art Wanted

Art Cards Wanted



My Art Space



Zazzle CMZ

Zazzle Tuscan Art

and...a few more I don't have time to list.

Most of the sites I am on I signed with several years ago...but, for some reason...I recently added a new site to my list...

My goal with the iCraft to list some exclusive to iCraft pieces. I still have some work to do on achieving this... I think if I can organize things like I should, I will be able to pull it off.

My quest organize my time, so that I can spend the right amount of time needed for everything that I am doing....and eliminate anything that just doesn't work for me Press.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Print Give Away....Drawing

June has become, for me, a very tough month personally. So, I've decided this year I am going to do some things different. For one thing...I'm going to spend a lot of time organizing, blogging, painting...and much, much more.
I am also going to have the first 'print give away'...
The way this will work....
1. Visit my CMZ Art Etsy Shop
2. Leave a comment on this blog with the name of your favorite print..from my shop.
3. June 15th, I will randomly draw the winner from the comments.
4. I will cut and paste the winner's 'comment' in my June 16th blog.
5. Check back to see if you are the winner. If you your address to
6. I will ship your print within the next day or two of your correspondence.
I've included a photo of a few pieces currently listed in my Shop with this post.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Few of my Favorites

I have a few favorite blogs that I read, as often as I can grab a few spare minutes here and there. I especially like those that make me feel as though I know the writer...even if I have never even exchanged an email.
I thought I'd post a few links to some of my favorite blogs...
Memories are Made of This

Inside A Black Apple

Suzi Blu

Kitty Genius

A Fanciful Twist

These are but a few of the blogs that I enjoy visiting from time to time. I thought I'd share with you!


...most of my 'stuff' is now moved to the second floor...the walls and floors are covered with plastic drop main work table is up...
that's about all I have done...but, it's a start...
I should be up and operational by the end of the week:)