Thursday, July 31, 2008

SALE Ends Today

My CMZ Art 3-4-2
Christmas in July
ends today!!
Last chance for a number of the prints
I currently have listed in the shop.
And, REMEMBER you can combine
prints from my CMZ Art shop and prints
from my Rustic Goth shop.
With FREE Shipping!
This will be my only sale in either shop
this year.
Beginning August 1st...
I will be discontinuing a number of
existing prints
to make room for new
I may be a little O.C.D...but, I only like
to have a certain number of items in
my shop at any given time.
I occasionally will re-introduce some of the pieces
I feel particularly fond of...but then, only for short
periods of time.
My 'retired' pieces may find new 'homes' elsewhere
if I am particularly passionate about them...
others will find their way to
their little 'retirement' homes to live out
the rest of their days.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"A Cup Of Tea"

I had a lot of fun with this

'Alice in Wonderland'


I have it listed in

Monday, July 28, 2008

My private collection....

I have several paintings in my "private collection"...which mean, my children will 'inherit' them when I am "gone". I have several pieces, the only ones left, that were painted by my husband. Needless to say, those stay 'with' me.

Then I have those that I have painted throughout the years.

My very first oil painting...a landscape...that I still think is pretty darned good for my first attempt.

I have a painting of 'dandelions' that I painted in in the 80's....with one hand...while I held the seeded dandelion with the other. I love how that piece turned out...and it never has been for sale.

I have several paintings...of Jesus...that I painted when we lived in Nashville. I love those pieces..I've had several 'offers' but, those were too personal to part with. I also painted a collection of 'homeless' pieces at that same time...again...too personal to part with.

These two paintings...were painted in 2005 and 2007. I offered 'Some Kind of Blues' a couple of times...and then decided, it has a special meaning to me so I pulled the listing and hung the painting on my wall.

'Contemplating Life'...seems like such a suitable companion to 'Some Kind of Blues' I hung it on the wall next to it.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

And on the Seventh day...

...I wish I could rest. I can't...but, I'll try to do as little as possible.

So that I can feel like I'm resting...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

CMZ 'Newz'

I've got more pendants coming...

this one is from my 'Summer Solstice' painting.

They are incredibly difficult to photograph, once I put

the cabochon or resin on them...because of the reflective glare.

I coated the print on this piece with resin and I was very pleased

with the results. It's not as heavy as those with the cabochons...

but, that is what I was going for.

I'll be listing this pendant tomorrow (Sunday)...and I'm hoping

to list more throughout the week.

5 Days left on my
Christmas in July SALE
3 Prints for the Price of 2...Plus FREE Shipping!
I've made a couple of
sales combining prints from both shops.
This will be the last 'hurrah' for some of my prints.
I will be removing a number of
prints to make room for new one's that are
'on the way'
If you have any favorites
this may be the time to get them:)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Another unexpected day 'off'

Wow!! Two days in the same week that I haven't had the grandbabies...not sure how I'll be able to act!

Love my grandbabies....but, honestly...I rarely get much done while they're here. They are sooo very curious of each and everything that I do...sometimes it's fun to explain what I'm doing and let them watch...and sometimes "help"...most of the time though...they really can't it's easier if I wait until they've gone home.

Now...I've got a two day week-end to get some work done...let me see....shall I clean house or get some paintings done????

We'll just have to see.
Oh yeah....Betty, at Anna Leah Designs has listed a few more pendants with my artwork on them in her lovely Etsy shop.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

It must be nice to paint...

Someone once told me...'It must be nice to be able to paint all day, you do."....WHAT???

I had NO idea of how many things were really 'involved' in selling original art, prints, but, I did know I wouldn't just be painting. I've done arts and crafts shows since the early 80s..and there's a lot involved with those...I just didn't realize how much more 'behind the scenes' work was involved with online sales.

There's all kind of supplies to order and keep on hand (thus a certain amount of inventory is necessary)..

pictures to take, crop, correct, enhance (to get the best representation of what is going to be listed)..then, it's necessary..from time to clean out all of the extra pictures accumulating on the computer..

a studio to office/printing/packing center to clean and organize...

packages to pack...and shipping to do (trips to USPS or UPS)

correspondence to do....listings to manage...sites to update (yikes!!...I haven't updated my website in weeks!!)

....and this is just the 'tip of the iceberg'...

Eventually... though not everyday... I do get to paint/ either on canvas or with my computer (in Photoshop)...and it all 'comes together'.... and I am happy:)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A few of my favorites...

I have quite a few
items and sellers
on Etsy.
Here are a
couple of those....

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Original Art...

I've had a number of questions
from collectors
asking me when I will be listing
original paintings.
I do understand they are
referring to
acrylic (or oil) paint on stretched canvas...

Original painting
Acrylic paint on stretched canvas

"Alice And The Cheshire Cat"

This piece is an Original.

It is also a print.

I illustrated the characters first by hand

then, digitally colored the piece in Photoshop.

"Good Day"

This is my own original character, based on
an original painting..but, I consider
this a 'Print of my Painting'
rather than an 'Original Print'
since the original piece
has been sold.
Wow...hope that didn't confuse anyone.
Anyway...for those who wonder
when I will be doing more original paintings..
I can only say..not as often as I would like...
because of my very busy schedule.
If you're looking for an original
by me..
don't overlook my digital originals..
many times these are 'one of a kind' originals..

Monday, July 21, 2008

MY "Newz"....

Starting TODAY...I am having a


in both of my Etsy Shops!

Buy 2 Prints (of the same size)

and get the third Print (of the same size) FREE!

PLUS Free Shipping.

And...for readers of my blogs ONLY...

you can combine your prints from both shops

as long as they are the same sizes.


you can purchase two 5" x 7" prints from my CMZ Art Shop

and select your third 5" x 7" from my Rustic Goth Shop...if you want.
I will be ending...forever...a number of my prints,
after this sale has ended..
to make room for my new fall - prints, paintings and other NEW items!




A few of pendants, featuring my art, can now be found on Etsy
She only has a couple at the moment
she is making more
as we 'speak':)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

For the Most Part....

...I had a productive Saturday.

I didn't paint anything...but, that was a good thing.

Last week wasn't my was just one small crisis after another...I won't even go into everything that transpired! So, I had I do every do all of this painting on one day of the week that I am mostly left to myself.

I realized that there is a reason that I haven't been as productive as I want to be. I've always been a bit of a 'rebel'...I've always resisted being 'told what to do'...even if I am the one telling myself what I need to do. put all of the pressure of 'producing something worthwhile' on my Saturdays...just isn't working.

I decided to take the 'pressure' off and just rationalize everything I have going on and how best to accomplish everything in a reasonable time frame. I have a good feeling that I am going to be able to create waaaay more pieces, with a lot less stress and self-expectations!
I've got some 'news'...but, I'll save that for tomorrow's post!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Alice and The Cheshire Cat

This piece is finally finished and
listed in my CMZ Etsy Shop.
I don't know why, but this piece took almost
a week to finish!
I decided to "call it done"...if I didn't
I would never have anything I can always
find something else to 'tweek' on everything I paint.
I sketched out the characters in this piece and then
finished it in PhotoShop.
It's took a bit of a different direction than when I first started.
I have some 'exciting' news that I hope to be able to share
with you tomorrow!
Thanks for reading and ..."have a great day!"

Friday, July 18, 2008

Too much excitement....

We had such a day yesterday. Of course, it was youngest son started a new 'old' job...(he went back to a company he'd been with for several years)...his visiting girlfriend was 'dog sitting' for his oldest sister's dog...she took him outside (he really had to "go") and when they came back in...her wet shoes slipped on the basement steps...and she fell down them:(

We had two firetrucks and an ambulance parked in front of the house for well over an hour...she broke her ankle in two places:((

I'm not sure if she is going to have to have surgery or not...they have to wait a bit to find out.

Since I was in the middle of getting my shipping done, when the accident happened...I've been up all night working....I'm Exhausted!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rain, rain...go away!

Oh but, I am sooo tired of all of the rain! It is that time of the year in the Midwest USA that the temperatures are averaging in the 90's...with all of the rain we've gotten this's like living in a sauna. We've gotten so many hard rains that I've had it raining from my ceilings on more than one occasion...enough already!

So...with that out of my system...I wanted to share a couple of my newest items available in my CMZ Art Zazzle shop....
You can't see it from this picture...but the ladybugs on this mug...go around the mug...I like it a lot! I designed the images on both of these items, especially for my Zazzle Shop!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Coming THIS WEEK...

Coming THIS WEEK to my
CMZ Art Etsy Shop...

The pendant shown here is


and it really is gorgeous in person.

I'm very thankful to Jaime for putting
these together for me.
I wasn't sure I was going to offer
these in my shop...then she made a few for me...
and I was sold.
I'm hoping to have a a couple or three
listed in my CMZ Art etsy shop by the
end of the week!++++++++++++
This pendant sold very quickly!!
I am hoping to have more pendants...although the setting may be soon as we can get more pendants backs in.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A quick rant...

I almost always avoid forums and discussions, where folks are mad about something and sharing more negatives than I feel comfortable witnessing.....I really think people should try to get along...though I don't believe in being another's 'door-mat' either.

Back in my ebay days, when I was new to selling my art online, I happened across a very negative discussion concerning two was accusing the other of copying--and, if memory serves--I think the accuser threatened a lawsuit...I don't know what happened...I think the accused left for a while and then came back with a whole new style.

I really don't follow artists that aren't members of my family. I admire a lot of artists and what they create...but, I try very hard not to be consciously influenced by anyone else. (I'm sure there are more subconscious influences than I'm probably aware of...especially by cartoon artists, given the number of cartoons I have on, while the grandbabies are here!)

Anyway...back to my quick rant... someone messaged me today, to tell me that they believe my style is a little too similar to theirs and that I was using their 'copyrighted' title for one of my prints. (This is Me ranting....) "If my style is is very coincidental...since my style hasn't changed much in the thirty plus years that I have been painting ... no doubt longer than this artist has been alive...and as for titles...again --coincidence.... though I did reply that, titles cannot be copyrighted . Believe me...I've been around long enough to do my homework whenever necessary...I think I saw one of my 'titles' used on someone else's work once and after investigating..but, before any confrontation...I checked into is allowed! So, I no longer 'check' to see if a particular title I am using is being used by anyone else...and why I use a lot of song titles and lyrics as titles for my paintings. I just title my pieces whatever seems to 'fit'."

The irony of this.............the person who messaged me...... the same artist accused of copying in the forum discussion I stumbled upon in ebay....and to think...I really felt sympathy for her back in the day:(

Oh well....sorry for my little 'tirade' just upset me a little bit and since the kids had already gone home I felt the need to "get it out'.... I'm better now!
And......I finally got a couple of pictures of my daughter's dog...'Willie'.....they aren't the best...but you can still tell how cute he is:)

Monday, July 14, 2008

I have noticed...

I read quite a few other least, once a week...and I have noticed something.
I post waaay more blogs than most of these authors do. Maybe they wait until they really have something to say, before they write.
Perhaps, I should try that. Heavens knows that I don't have the most exciting least at this point in my share with others. ( I sometimes feel sorry for my children, who sit and patiently listen to me go on and on about things like..why I think my left wrist has been hurting lately...or why I can't eat anything with garlic anymore. Wow...that bores me and I'm the subject of the 'conversation':(
Maybe I'm just boring....I think I'll try to work on that....I used to be interesting...once!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Quick Peek...

This is a sketch I did today for a new 'Alice' piece.
I think I'll call it
'Alice and the Cheshire Cat'

This is all I have completed at this point...

I am going to do a series of Fairy Tale pieces...I've already sketched out 'Red Riding Hood' and part of 'Snow White.'

I am hoping to have this piece finished by the middle of the week.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I am sooo busy today!

I decided to take a quick break and check the internet...and just do a short post!
I am hard at work...on some new pieces for my CMZ Art etsy shop. (A sneek peek will be posted tomorrow.)
I'm doing something a bit different with these pieces...I'm working on illustrations that will be completed in PhotoShop. Usually, I work from completed paintings..digitals...or a combination of the two. This is the first time I am illustrating specifically for digital creation. We'll see how it works out:)

Friday, July 11, 2008

My daughter's dog

My oldest daughter and her family are headed for Minnesota, for a wedding...(I do hope they miss all the nasty weather predicted for that area), my youngest son and I are presently "dog sitting"...I actually pawned it off on my son ...I think little 'Willie' will probably just get too nervous with the grandbabies...Ava can be pretty quick..and to a little dog..that might just be too much.
He's a cute little thing...I'll have to post a picture as soon as he settles down long enough for me to get one:)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Out and about...

I was sooo tired yesterday! Jaime and I had so many errands to shopping to to purchase..etc. And, we had to bring the grandbabies with...whew!

They are pretty well behaved when we go out..but, they are three and four...and putting them in the same grocery cart...well...maybe not such a good idea. Truly, they do enjoy each other's company..even in such close quarters..but, it is a bit distracting and I forgot a whole bunch of things.

I'm just going to have to do without them this week.

In their defense...we did do our supply shopping they were ready to go home long before we went to the grocery store.

I think we'll do our supply shopping separate from our grocery shopping from now on:)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Coming yet this week....

I have been working, all week (at least the first three days of the week)
on some new digital art pieces.
For CMZ Art...
here are three new original pieces
I will be listing
yet this week.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A few things of note....

One of my favorite things to read other blogs.

I try to do it whenever I have some free time. I've worked so hard lately that I've 'had' to take a couple of days...just to re-coup. So..I read a few blogs.

I wanted to share a couple of my 'finds'...

I don't use other people's pics, without their I quickly put together this homely little illustration, to accompany this little 'find'.

Ever wondered what you could do with all of those plastic grocery bags that tend to accumulate, because you'd rather not overload the landfill with them?

I found several crafty ways to recycle these little

And...Finally...I found a wealth of crafty 'how-tos' at this little site.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Sneek Peek this Week

I put together some digitally manipulated

based on original paintings

that have been sold.

I will be listing these prints in my

Etsy Shop



Sunday, July 6, 2008

My a nutshell!

I've gotten so many convos lately...from the sweetest people who have read my bio in my CMZ Art Etsy shop. I really appreciate people taking the time to comment on my artwork and offer me words of encouragement. I means a lot.

(This is my Etsy bio...)

"I am a self-taught full time artist. I grew up in a very small community of 1,000 people. While we did have a public school...we didn't have art classes, girls sports, or a lot of other things most schools offer these days.
I 'dabbled' in art, whenever the opportunity presented itself, but I didn't get "serious" until I was confined to bed while carrying my fourth child.
My dear husband, sensing how boring it was to just lie there and look at the same old programs on TV, bought me an art set, some canvas paper and "set me free". I came as close as I could to the paintings on the backs of Reader's Digest magazines. Every member of my family got an original painting for Christmas the following year.
Thirty years have passed and I have been painting ever since.
Now I am alone, my husband (and best friend in the whole world) passed away in June of 2006. I paint to survive. It is what keeps me going..not to mention, it is my only income. I'm not old enough for social security..and it will be a while yet!
I do have six children (five of them live close by) and nine grandchildren (again, five live close by.)
They are my sources of inspiration...truly!
Most of the paintings I paint are directly inspired by them..and I include subtle references of them in most of my paintings..
It has been an extremely difficult two years, having to try to cope and adjust to life on my own.(it hasn't been pretty.)
My husband spoiled me to the point that, I don't think I made a dozen pots of coffee total in the course of thirty five years. He always made coffee and brought me a cup every morning when he woke me up. His very last day at home, even though he could hardly walk on his own...he made coffee and poured me a cup before he woke me up!
I wouldn't be painting today if it weren't for my husband. Not only did he buy my first set of paints...he encouraged me for thirty years to make art my just took most of those years to convince me that it was possible.
I really do miss him...
and while my sadness is reflected in many of the paintings I have done the past two years...I have begun to mix in some 'lighter' pieces that reflect the gratitude I have for what I have been given."

It does rather sum up my a nutshell.

I make my living from the internet...from a few others. (Mostly Etsy!)
I paint, as often as I can...usually only one or two originals (per site) a week...sometimes less..sometimes more (depending on my schedule).
I create several digital 'paintings' each week..sometimes using bits and pieces of original paintings...sometimes photographs of some of my possessions..sometimes using vintage photos from public domain.
I try very hard to list, at least five new pieces...per site...each week. Sometimes I am able to list more....sometimes less.

I take care of my two youngest grandchildren weekday afternoons, so their parents can work. My daughter Jaime, also a self taught full time artist with two Etsy shops, helps me...little people can be a I'm thankful for her help.

I do my artwork late..late nights (usually until about 6 a.m.)...grab a few hours sleep, before the grandbabies a lot of cartoons...have backyard 'adventures' some planets and the solar system (my youngest grandson is very interested in our universe) packing and shipping.
Most evenings are spent with several of my children, eating together...watching some TV best watched in groups...our current favs are...'So You Think You Can Dance'...(we think Mia Michaels is a choreograhic genius)..........'The Next Food Network Star'.....'Design Star'.....and we have 'Project Runway' coming soon!

Saturdays are MY days...I can spend them in the my house...'chilling out'...or whatever! It rather depends on how my week has gone.
Sundays are 'family days'...

It's not nearly as boring as it sounds...usually:)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

R & R

Independence Day was quite enjoyable.
Bar-B-Q Ribs...Potato Salad...Corn on the Cob...Baked beans...Watermelon
Yard Games
Now...I need the day...for some R & R...just putter whatever....
I deserve it:)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy -- Independence Day!!

I'm taking a 'long' week-end-----Have a Wonderful Fourth!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

"Today's Best"---July 2nd

I designed this little lady bug...especially for my CMZ Art Zazzle Shop...and this little Lady Bug Tote Bag was selected...'today's best'...for July 2nd...I'm quite pleased and wanted to 'share'.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

One Of My Favorite Things --- Lasagna

Ever sat down and made a list of things that you like?

I decided to do that a while back. While I had to think about it at first, once I got started, I could have kept going.


The secret to my husband's recipe, so glad he showed me how to make really is wonderful, is that one must use REAL Ricotta Cheese, NOT cottage cheese. Ricotta Cheese helps the lasagna to 'stand up straight on the plate' instead of running all over the place, like a melting ice cream cone. He always put the Ricotta into the ground beef and stirred them together, spooning the mixture into the different layers of noodles, sauce, and Romano, Parmesean and Mozzarella cheeses. And, always make enough sauce to pour over each piece of lasagna as it was served.

Whenever I get to 'pick' what we have for a family meal...I choose Lasagna...even if I have to make it myself:)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I'm a "collector"...

I have SEVERAL collections going...and most of my collections are ones that I didn't even start myself.
Let's see...I collect...
oil lamps
snow globes
just to name a few of the collections I have.
I've 'inherited' my late husband's PEZ collection...
he started collecting PEZ because his guessed it...P.E.Z!
I also have a small collections of old paperback know, the kind they sell to raise money for groups and churches...I simply love these little treasures! They have so many excellent recipes tucked between the well worn covers.