Thursday, January 24, 2008

Changes at CMZ Art/ Etsy Shop

It might appear, at first glance, that I have sorely neglected my CMZ Art Etsy Shop.
Trust me, that is not the case.
I just wasn't happy with the direction I was taking it.
So, I have pulled more than half of the pieces I had listed there and I am slowly replacing them with pieces for which this shop was originally intended.
This colorful painting, 'The Gathering', is a piece I painted in 2005 and it has always been a favorite piece of mine. It sold very quickly. I've decided to produce some prints of this painting and offer them on Etsy, along with some other favorites.
I'm going to be very selective of the paintings and prints that I offer on this site from this point on.
I have also selected a few pieces, that I am very excited to be offering, painted by my late husband. I am going to offer only a few prints of his most popular paintings.
Be sure to watch for these!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Day Off?

I normally try to take Sundays off. For one thing, Sunday is family day. Five of my six children..and their children..come over for dinner and to visit. It's a wonderful 'bonding' time...but, it's also pretty tiring. That comes from having such a large family.
By the time everyone goes to their own homes, I'm usually too tired to do anything else anyway. I am sooo tired tonight as well. But, I've been busy enough lately that I haven't posted any blogs, or worked on any of the other sites that I'm on in a while. So, I'm taking a minute to do a few of these things....then, I'll call it a day.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

I Should Be Working

I should be working..I suppose maybe I am since I haven't updated any of my blogs in a while.
But, I have prints to print, shipping to do and a bunch of ACEOs to paint.
Today is 'family day'...everyone shows up for dinner and some visiting. Grandbabies make a mess (which is what grandbabies do) and I won't feel like doing much after everyone leaves...but, here I am...writing in my blog.
That's okay. Maybe I just work better under pressure..I have for so many years, it must be natural for me.
I back up on eBay again...after all of my complaining! Part of my problem...I love checking throughout the day, to see if I have any new bids. I've done it for four years and just couldn't break the desire.
I do list on ArtByUs..which is an art auction site. But, I haven't sold anything from there in a couple of years and the activity there is just not enough. I've sold on OverStock...but, only large abstract pieces.
So...for what I want to do in 2008...Etsy and eBay are the sites for me.
I love Etsy..but, I do get buried quickly.
I'm not as fond of eBay...because of the 'glitches' they don't seem to be in any hurry to correct..but, it's fun to see new bids coming in.