Saturday, June 7, 2008

Gearing Up For A Busy Week-End

Yay!!! Meerkat Manor is Back....I really have missed watching much so that I rewatched a number of the episodes from last well as the "Making Of"...the Movie...and 'The Scientists Behind' is one of my all time favorites shows. While it was on break though, I did enjoy Lemur Kingdom and anxiously await it's return as well.

If I am a fan of something...I get pretty OCD about it....thank god for DVR's.

I am wanting to write a quick post, (late on Friday...but posting Saturday) so that I can start getting busy, gearing up for a very full week-end. I've got some ACEOs planned, maybe a new painting...maybe...the new projects are still in planning stages, but I'd like to get started on those.........and then, my youngest grand-daughter's THIRD birthday is on Saturday.

She told me today that the next time I see her (Sunday) she is going to be 'a big girl'.."as big as you and Jaime" (her aunt - who helps me watch Ava and her brother, Simon, every weekday afternoon.)

Since Sunday's are family days....and my day 'off'...we always do family birthdays on the Sunday closest. So, she'll have a party with her parents and brother tomorrow, with her other grandparents early Sunday and then with me and her aunts and uncles late Sunday....whew!

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