Thursday, June 5, 2008

I'm a Recycler...

I've always been somewhat of a recycler...even before we knew there was a problem with overflowing landfills..non biodegradables..the ozone layer and global warming. My family just said I was a 'pack rat''s true. I hate to throw things away...especially if I can find some use for it..maybe not right away..but, sometime in the future.

I have saved egg cartons, magazines, newspapers, grocery bags, boxes that things come in, cologne bottle lids, scraps of name it...I tend to save it. And, I find uses for many of the items I've packed away.

I use cardboard from various boxes, to keep my art prints from bending during mailing. I'll even reuse bubble envelopes if I can.

My husband used to tell me no, when I asked if I could ride along to the landfill...he just knew I'd find something 'useful' to tote back felt a little like 'treasure hunting'

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