Saturday, December 22, 2007

My First Treasury on Etsy

This little gal isn't part of my First Treasury on Etsy...she's one of my recent listings. I think she is quite cute.

I was originally going to wait until after the first of the year to try to snag a Treasury and include some of my favorite picks. I went ahead today and grabbed a spot.

The title of my Treasury is 'Black, White and Red Hot'....and the items are are related to the titled theme.

There are some very talented artisans on Etsy and I am very happy with my selection. From now until very early Christmas morning you can view my Treasury at this link....

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

'Tis the season...

I know this is the season for sharing, caring, reflecting, loving, giving....and I think it should be.
For me...I'm still working hard at trying to 'get in the spirit'...maybe I will...maybe I won't.
I found this wonderful image on an ephemera site, after doing a lot of searching. I wanted to find something vintage..and quite sweet. This just seemed to 'fit the bill.' Already I feel more festive.
It's going to be a very slim Christmas this year...not much I can do about that! But, I do look forward to the family get togethers...always on Christmas Eve and again on Christmas, my children...and their children...gather at my house.
I think I'll probably do very few new paintings until next year....instead, I'm going to work on 'finding my spirit'...I'm sure it's here somewhere!

Thursday, December 13, 2007 until next year!!

I am not giving up on my 'Treasures and Trinkets'...but, for some reason I keep feeling pressure to get them finished and listed in time for Christmas.
And, well....that's just not going to happen. I think the pressure I've put on myself is hindering the results I am wanting to get from these pieces.
So...I'm taking the pressure off of myself and putting my experiments away until next year...then, I'll take my time and come up with some things I'm really happy with.
In the meantime....I'll do a few more original ACEO's and small paintings...some new 8 x 10 prints and Limited Edition ACEO prints and that will be it.
I've got some new series pieces coming that I'm pretty excited be sure to 'watch' for these.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Just A Very Quick Note..and a Preview

I spent my week-end working on an experiment...and I wasn't able to list it.
I printed a few select pieces onto heavy watercolor paper and then coated the small prints with resin.
I have worked with resin for many years, but never purposely on paper pieces, so I wasn't sure how it would work. I was hoping for lapel pins...these are going to have to be magnets. I'm going to have to reinforce them as pins or pendants...but, I will keep trying.
Another problem I am having is how to get a good...clear...photograph of the finished piece. On this one...the color of the magnet is 'washed out'.
I think I have a bit more experimenting to do. I did list one..of my 'mother angels' tonight though. We'll see how she does.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Post Script

While I was posting my last blog...thinking about sending 'my own' Christmas cards to my late husband's family members, I came up with what I hope is a 'brilliant idea'....though, I certainly don't want to upset anyone.
My husband didn't paint a great number of paintings, but I thought the ones he did paint were 'the best'.
So, I thought....'why don't I do some Christmas cards with one of my husband's paintings'.
This is the one I decided on.
He sold almost all of his paintings and his siblings do not have any of his art. Maybe they would like a card with one of his paintings on it.
I'm going to do it...

I'm sending 'MY OWN' Christmas Cards This Year!

I forgot to take an actual photo of my Christmas Cards...but, I'm using this picture. They actually turned out GREAT! I'm very pleased.
I'll try to replace this photo..if I can you can see what they actually look like.
I'm thinking about going ahead and painting several, holiday themed paintings, that I can use for greeting cards for next year.
Who knows...I may actually come up with greeting cards for All Occasions. We'll see....

Friday, December 7, 2007

I've Got a New Camera....

I've been without my camera for a couple of months now. I got my little 3.2 Digital Canon, back in 2004...and it has taken such wonderful pictures...I really missed it when it quit working.

Wendy and John, my oldest daughter and her husband...decided that I needed to have a new they got me a new Panasonic.

I wasn't as 'grateful' as I might have been, I will confess. I wanted another Canon...after all, the other one had taken such good pictures.

So, I decided to 'play' with the new camera...John said he had two weeks to take it back if I didn't like it...and I WAS impressed.

I got some really good pictures (for me).
Thank you, John and Wendy!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Taking the night off..

I have decided to 'take the night off'. I have been just getting to bed, when most people are just getting up to go to work, for the past few nights now.
I'm tired and probably a little run I'm going to take the night off. I'll try to work tomorrow, during the day. I don't have the grandbabies, so I might actually be able to get a few pieces done.
I also wanted to pull out some pieces that I did a few years ago, that I think would go great in my CMZart Etsy Shop and maybe list those. We'll see....
Anyway...I'm up for a decent nights sleep. I need it!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I've been working my 'behind' off....

I've had some really cute new pieces in my CMZart Etsy Shop. It didn't take long for this little gal to 'fly' right out of the shop. I think she is really cute...I want to try to find some new things for her.
I listed eight new ACEO paintings yesterday in the shop...they are ALL sold.
I do have Limited Edition ACEO Prints available for each of them...please stop by and check them out. I will certainly list as many new pieces as I can possibly get done. Wished I could work a little faster...I'm going to try to do two or three per day if I can.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

I am working on some of the cutest paintings.

This little gal is actually, one of my "new" original ACEO's I have listed. I had the picture of her, but couldn't find the original.."maybe I sold her"...I couldn't remember.
Anyway, when I started getting out some new canvas sheets for some BRAND NEW pieces, I 'found' her.
She's listed as an original, currently in my CMZ Art Etsy Shop.
Starting Sunday...I will be listing some really cute ACEO originals...provided I 'get busy' and finish them....