Friday, June 13, 2008

Me and Reality TV...

I am 'hooked'.
Top Chef --- congratulations Stephanie.
Project Runway --- Christian was just fierce!
Hell's Kitchen --- wow -- Christine or Corey?
Meerkat Manor --- animal reality -- love the little creatures.
Lemur Kingdom -- what is going to happen to the 'Graveyard Gang'?
Flipping Out --- what oh what is Jeff Lewis going to do this season?
American Idol -- my David won:)
Survivor --- I was pulling for Amanda.
The Mole --- I think it's Bobby.
Top Model -- way to go Whitney!

I'm also taking in...
Food Network's Next Star...I consider it a cross between Top Chef and Design Star.
Design Star...I caught the first two I've scheduled the series of this one as well.

What I don't do though...
Tila thanks.
Bret Michaels...I don't think so.
Bachelor..and, no, no!

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