Friday, January 29, 2010

CMZart Bookmarks coming soon...

I have listed this bookmark in my
Rustic Goth Etsy Shop
but I will also be listing this bookmark...
along with a number of
CMZ Art bookmarks
in my
CMZ Art Zibbet Shop.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Art Print for Charity

I had been thinking for 'some time'
that I wanted to start doing some art prints
especially for charity.

Every year I do a painting and
send it to Chicago
to be auctioned off to help folks in the
Midwest..who are having
problems with housing, food and utilities.

(I was going to post a link to the event...
unfortunately there is a problem with the site I went to
and I ended up with a virus on my computer.
Took me ALL afternoon to get my computer
virus free...
not cool.)
So...I'm not including a link to that site.

Proceeds from the sale of my print
on Imagekind
goes to an Art for Cancer
to help cancer patients purchase items not
covered by insurance and other resources.
(I know from personal experience what many of these
out of pocket expenses are.)

I decided I would create an original digital illustration
every month...
especially for charitable giving..
with a portion of the sales from each of the
'charity' prints
going to a pre-specified charity.

The print shown above is titled...
it is the January print..
and for as long as the print is offered..
each time one of these prints sell..
half of the proceeds will be donated
to the
Red Cross.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So...I've been thinking..

...I really miss just painting
whatever the heck I feel like painting.

It's been over a year since I last
painted anything similar to the pieces in the picture...
mostly because I've pretty much lost my studio.

But..I've decided that I'm going to cover the dining room table..
at least on occasion..
and paint some fun and 'free' abstract pieces.

Course...I'll need to order some canvas first...
but soon...
I just need to figure out where to
put them.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

There Must Be An Easier Way

I've got a website ... or should I say...
a domain and a host
that have sat around pretty much
wasted for almost a year.

So..I decided that I would
create a website for CMZ Art
and for
Rustic Goth
and put them as 'sub-domains'
since I've purchased the domain and pay monthly
for the host...

...there really has to be a 'better way'...

I am not at all happy with the
site builder I've used for
 CMZ Art...
I really can't do what I want to do with it..
I really can't do much of anything with it.
And I can't even get the Rustic Goth
site to publish.

It's about time for the domain to
expire..hopefully it won't automatically renew through
my PayPal...and I'm not even sure where to go to
make sure it doesn't.
I've cancelled the host subscription...hopefully this will
take care of the domain renewal as well.

It looks like I'll be spending a few weeks doing
lots of research
to figure this all out.
I'm thinking I'll build a site on one
of those free sitebuilders
to get familiar with it before I pay for a new domain
and hosting...
we'll just have to see.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Free Desktop Wallpaper Calendar

I made this desktop calendar
to put on my computer..
it always seems like I'm looking for a calendar...when I'm
working on the computer.

If you'd like this calendar..
leave a comment and I'll email
you one.
Actually...I'll email you both sizes...
I made two and decided
that I wanted this I could still see
the calendar AND my desktop icons.

The other one covers the
entire screen.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Digital downloads coming to my Zibbet shop.

As I go through my EBSQ Portfolio
I am choosing some
select pieces
to offer as 'digital downloads'
that others can use in the creation
of their own art.

Here are a few pieces I've decided
I am going to offer.
They will be soon listed in my
I'll write a post as soon as
I have several downloads available.

Too much snow!!

It seems like it has snowed a LOT
since the beginning of December.

The snow started the week-end of our last show..
and we've received a bunch of it since then...
I'm not sure how many feet total..but I'm ready for
the snow to be over until next year...
and I'm talking 2011.

It hasn't snowed as much as the top photo..
but they did have to bring a plow engine to clear the railroad
tracks...I guess they haven't had to
do that here in Lincoln for quite some time.