Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I am on a quest...

I am not only organizing my work spaces...I am attempting to organize all of my 'computer work'.

I write two blogs on a (more or less) regular basis...this one and my Rustic Goth one.... then another two or three...on a much-much less regular basis. (I know that is not good grammar..but, I usually say what I mean to say...even if it isn't grammatically accurate...even in my writing.)

Anyway...I also have several art sites...not including my two Etsy shops...that I list on..from time to time. These include: (without links)

Art Wanted

Art Cards Wanted



My Art Space



Zazzle CMZ

Zazzle Tuscan Art

and...a few more I don't have time to list.

Most of the sites I am on I signed with several years ago...but, for some reason...I recently added a new site to my list...

My goal with the iCraft to list some exclusive to iCraft pieces. I still have some work to do on achieving this... I think if I can organize things like I should, I will be able to pull it off.

My quest organize my time, so that I can spend the right amount of time needed for everything that I am doing....and eliminate anything that just doesn't work for me Press.

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