Thursday, June 12, 2008

New places

I sell most of what I sell through my two Etsy Shops. I just LOVE Etsy!

But, I also offer products in several other online shops as well. I mention these from time to time...and I think it is time...once promote those shops as, several of them offer items that cannot be found elsewhere.

The first is my CMZart/ Rustic Goth Shop on Zazzle. Here is a sampling of the products I offer here.......please note.........I am in the process of adding a lot of new items in this shop.

Art Cards Wanted

I am offering several original ACEOs and some ACEO prints that are no longer available in either of my Etsy Shops on this site.

CMZ Art on Squidoo

Come and visit me here...this is a brand new lens on Squidoo...I did my first lens in December of 2006. I enjoy doing a lens here and there...I'm trying to learn a little more about marketing and self promotion.

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