Sunday, June 27, 2010

Keds Shoes PLUS My Art

I'm not sure who decided it would be a good
idea to let ordinary folks like myself
apply their own art and design to a pair of Keds' Shoes
but I think it is 

I LOVE my Shoe designs on Zazzle
and plan on getting me a couple pair here soon.
I want to have them to wear during the upcoming
art and craft show season.

I really really need to spend, at least one whole day...
doing nothing but designing
Keds' shoes.

They're pricey...but soooo cool!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Some CMZ Art Pieces

I've been doing art
in some form or other...
pretty much as long as I can remember.

For a lot of years...most of my
art was distributed to family members
as gifts...
"just because". husband and I started doing
the art shows...
they were lots of fun...
and a lot of long...often times Hot...hours.
I learned a lot at those shows. 2004...
I listed a couple of my early pieces of art...
along some stuff we purchased at some estate sales...
the first thing to sell
in the very first week...
was one of my art pieces.

I don't think I got a whole lot for it..
it went at auction
on eBay...
I'm pretty sure it only got the one bid...
but I was 'hooked'.

Most of these pieces are from my
eBay days...
and I've offered so few of these
as prints...
until now.

I've got them over on
along with a small collection
of Rustic Goth pieces.

I wanted to see how these pieces
go, to decide where I want to take
CMZ Art from here.

Monday, June 21, 2010

From the ashes...

Like the Phoenix...
Saturdays are..for 
'rising from the ashes'.

I do sooo need that one day a week that I do
"whatever I want to do".

It's so refreshing and revitalizing...
though I often find myself thinking I'm 
'forgetting' to do something.

Whilst I was 'away'...I discovered that
over at Flutey Words
presented me with a new 'award'.

I just need to name the 5
Sci-Fi/ Fantasy
Books or Movies that inspire me...

Well...I 'could' just name off 5 of the 7 Harry Potter books...
but I'll just group those in a collective and say...

1. ALL Harry Potter books and movies
2. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
3. E.T.
4. Star Trek...the newest movie (with Silar from Heroes as Spock)
5. The Blob (with Steve McQueen)

I'm sure if I had thought a little harder, I might have selected something different
for numbers 4 and 5...
but I did enjoy the last Star Trek movie...
I was definitely 'inspired' by The Blob...
it scared the heck out of me...and somehow seemed more
than the Frankenstein and Dracula movies
I also LOVED watching.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm A Little Bit 'Funny'...part 2

I read every one of my followers blogs...
unless it has a 'warning' on it...
I tend to not go into anything that 'warns' me that I
might be 'offended' if I enter.

I'm sure I've probably written an offensive
post or two..
but I do hope that...
for the most part...
I'm not offending anyone.

What I have discovered lately
is how many of my favorites haven't posted anything
in weeks or months.

To this I can only say...
I feel bad that I don't get the opportunity
to know more about you.
Perhaps you are a 'private' person
and don't want to reveal too much...
that's's certainly up to you.

A lot of's just fun to go through
the pics of your arts...crafts...likes and dislikes...
little snippets of your life..

I know my daughter has said...
"I don't have many followers...and I'm not sure
anyone is reading my blog but you...
and I don't get many comments."

She is one that hasn't blogged
and she really does have so much
to 'reveal'... if she weren't so
worried about spelling...or
'sounding stupid'...
(though in her 'defense'...she's one of
the busiest people I know...a lot of times she's busier
than I am!)

One of the many times that my husband
was in the hospital,
during his last year...
we were having a hard time answering
some of the questions about
the 'particulars' of previous
So..I went to the waiting room...pulled up
our art group blog...
and answered everyone of the questions
that had been asked.

I had just started blogging...and felt the need
to keep our collectors up to date
on what was going on...
especially since he was also an artist
with the group.

I've found that I blog as much for me,
as I do for anyone who might want to read
what I write.
With everything that goes on in life..
it's so easy to 'forget'
the "who's..what's...when's..
why's and where's"
that happen.
So..I blog:)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Sunshine Award

I got this lovely
Sunshine Award
from the lovely Jo...formerly 'Jo Knows'
I love reading her blogs.

I'm not sure if I'm doing this right or not...
but the five followers I selected to pass this award to are:

I do hope you will check out these wonderful blogs...
they are among my most favorite.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

AnnaLeah Designs

You know...
my daughters and I get together
every so often...
(art and craft show season)...
and we make pendants.

We turn little miniature prints of our art..
into something wearable...
problem is...we lose about half of every pendant we make..
to the dreaded
air bubbles.

These little devils NEVER show up immediately...when the glue
is still wet and pliable..
they always turn up a day or two later.
Once that happens...we've lost the pendant.

Before Mother's Day I had gotten a special order for a pendant
and ring...with a pic of the Eiffel Tower on them...
turned out beautiful 
right after putting them together...
scheduled a time for the buyer to pick them up at my house...
had to contact him the day before he was to pick them up and say..
'no go'
Huge air bubbles appeared
right smack dab over the Tower.
We haven't attempted to make any new pendants since.
Very disheartening to put that much work into something
that just fizzles.

So...I'm pleased to 'introduce' you to another
lovely Shop that has been turning some of my images
into wonderful Pendants for going on two years.

I started collaborating with Betty back when I still
had my CMZ Art shop on Etsy..
so most of the images she has on her pendants,
are images that I had
in the CMZ Art shop.

(I moved the Resting and Blackbirds prints to my
Rustic Goth Shop...but all of the others
aren't available anywhere but these pendants.)

Check out AnnaLeah Designs...
she has some very nice pieces in her shop!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I've got a good schedule...

I write a blog post for this particular
blog about twice a week.

Since I'm not doing as much with my
CMZ Art the moment...
I don't really have much news anyway.
At least not with my I'm
pretty happy with it's current 'schedule'...

that way
if something that I think is 'interesting'
comes up...
I have plenty of space to post it here.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm A Little Bit 'Funny'...

There are only two kinds of blogs that I read...
the blogs of my followers..
(I figure if someone found my blog interesting enough to 
follow it...then we probably have 'something' in common)
and these are really and truly some
of my ALL-TIME favorite blogs!

Then there are a very small handful of
blogs that I have read for years...
I don't follow them..they don't follow me...
and I never comment on those blogs.

For one thing...I'm a little bit 'funny' 
because I won't leave a comment on a blog
that I think might be 'manned' by someone other
than the author
( might not even be written by the original 
author anymore for all I know).

A few years ago, I was reading one of the first
blogs I ever 'followed'...though not 'officially'...
and the author confessed that she
had gotten sooo busy
that she was now having her niece doing most
of her correspondence, 
monitoring the blog comments...
and even writing blog posts from time to time.

Maybe the niece was just 'taking dictation'
and writing what the artist was actually saying...
I stopped reading the blogs after that.

So when I run across a blog that
is so popular that they get 100s of comments
on each post...
I just don't comment...
no matter how interesting I might find the post.

I'm just 'funny' that way.