Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jaime's Shop

My daughter, Jaime, is one of the
top five most popular Sellers on Zibbet.
I thought it only fitting to give her
a little 'publicity'....though
she doesn't really need it.

She sat down with me in 2004...for some
'quick painting lessons'
and now she is 'kicking my behind' in sales.

I'm very proud..of course...
and maybe even a little envious.
Truth be told...she works sooooo hard...that I doubt
I could keep up with her pace.

Give her Zibbet Shop a visit....and see what you think.
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

CMZ Art on Zibbet

I put a few things on Zibbet
back in February.
Truth is...I've been so busy with Etsy and
an online course...that I kind of 'forgot' about it.
Zibbet is a pretty good little site...and the
folks that are running it are trying
to make it great.
I've put a few items from my
Etsy shop into my Zibbet Shop..
and I'm considering making
the move permanent.
If you've never heard of Zibbet
I wrote a Squidoo lens
to explain it better.
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Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Few New Paintings

I did six new
abstract minimalist paintings
and listed them in my
CMZ Art Etsy Shop
for now.

I'm still 'up in the air' about
whether to close this
particular Etsy shop.

It's honestly costing me more to keep it open
than to close it...
so..the obvious decision would be to close it...
I'm still 'undecided'...
I know..
doesn't make sense to me either!

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

A 'picker upper'...

This Broadway play/ musical has to go down in my life's history
as Number ONE...for me anyway!
I think the costumes and props are artistically brilliant!
And....the performances were..memorable!
When I need a 'pick me up'....I've got these 'bookmarked'...

Monday, May 18, 2009

This cheered me up a bit...

I have been in something of a funk of late.
To say that I have been living hand to mouth is a pretty optimistic spin on things. top all of that's MAY...I tend to get this way in May...and stay there through June.

So...I really have needed something to smile about lately....
well...I went out searching (I really don't like getting 'down') for something
to make me smile...

I've got to say...painting with B.B.Q. sauce did cheer me up for a bit...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Make your own papier mache masks.

Crafting with Kids : MaskImage by Pinot & Dita via Flickr

Make your own papier mache masks.

Before you get started, tear up a bunch of brown craft paper into small pieces. Don't cut the paper, just tear it so the edges are ragged and somewhat uneven.
Mix 50% craft glue to 50% water.
Take some basic measurements of your upper face. Measure from temple to temple and from mid forehead to mid cheek. Measure the distance from temple to outer eye and from the inside of one eye, across the nose bridge to the inside of the other eye. Using your measurements, draw your mask onto a piece of sturdy but flexible paper, the brown craft paper will work.
Cut out your design and make sure it 'fits' your face, that your eye holes are accurate, that the mask extends from side to side and top to bottom as you planned. Once your mask template is just right, begin to build up the layers. Dip each piece of torn paper into the glue/ water mixture and cover your template with the pieces, overlap each piece for secure bondage. This is going to take a bit as you will need to build up a number of layers, on both sides of the template. Make sure you are hand forming the mask, unless you don't mind if it lays flat.
Once all of the layers are in place and dried and your mask is shaped as you want it, brush on several layers of art gesso. When the gesso has dried, you can paint your mask, add feathers or whatever.
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Monday, May 11, 2009


Very soon I am going to be
removing all of the prints and paintings
in my CMZ Art Etsy Shop.

Before I do
I thought I'd have a
"last chance"

After I take these pieces down
they will not be relisted
in my CMZ Art Etsy Shop,
as I am taking things in a very

Saturday, May 9, 2009

One Day At A Time

As much as I really love the art
I have listed in my CMZ Art Etsy Shop...
I believe I need to
"really change things up"


I will be leaving the the shop...for another week or so...

I'm going to take it in a whole new direction.

I'll be 'sad' to see the 'old pieces' go...
yes...they'll be removed from
my shop....Forever....and I'll be adding all
Brand New
'nothing like what is currently available'

When I have enough of
the 'new art' ready....
I will do an update...

until then...

"one day at a time"
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I have been tagged by Jerry "I Know What I'm Doing" and since his blog is so entertaining and he is a good sport, I am up for a bit of entertainment and accept his 'challenge'.

Here's how it works....

A. Name & link back to the person who tagged you - done!
B. List six (un)important things that make you happy - ok..I'll give it a shot.
C. Tag six bloggers & let them know they're it by leaving them a comment - do I know six bloggers who would be 'game'?...we'll see.

So here go my 6 (un) important happy-makers.
1. Morning coffee (in my case...AFTERNOON coffee)
2. Estate auctions
3. Thinking I'll (one day) win the Lottery
4. Cherry or apricot kolaches
5. Taking notes and making lists
6. Meerkat Manor

And....I choose to "tag"

Caroline's Crafts

A Melancholy Dwelling


Whimsy Folk Artist

Ready 2 Go

Okay...I could only come up with 5 as well....I think I need to quit working so hard and find the time to make more friends.