Friday, November 19, 2010

On Zazzle

Zazzle has some pretty cool items on their site...
and I'm adding new designs to some of these items on a pretty regular
The Ornaments are a brand new item and I've been
working on all kinds of sketches and designs
to be able to offer a really nice assortment.

Some of these designs may be duplicated on the
in my Rustic Goth Shop..
but most of these designs will only be available
on merchandize in my Zazzle Shop.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I've painted a few egg Ornaments.

I've painted Egg Ornaments since 1993. husband started painting them...he knew me
well enough to know that if he started doing them
and they were 'well received'
then I would 'jump in' and do my part.

So..we took our eggs to a Holiday Show...they did very well...
and we painted them every season from '93 through 2003.

Every season since '03, I've had a few people who wanted to know
if I was going to do any eggs....and I always said 'no'.

It was one of those things my husband and I did together ... and I really
didn't want to do them on my own.
Problem husband had blown, sterilized and base painted
about six dozen eggs that have just been taking up space in my closet.
A few of them even had subject matter on them.

So...the girls and I discussed doing what was left
and offering them at the shows...
we decided not to do anymore shows this year...
I had already put the 'word' out that I would
be doing them..
at least for this year...

so...there you have it...
I'm doing a 'limited' number of egg ornaments...
wish I could get better photos though.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Under the Weather

I have been feeling a bit 'under the weather' the past few days.
It started out with a little bit of chest congestion...then a sore throat...
and a nasty little pain on the right side of my back
whenever I move or take a deep breath.

I'm not one to run to the doctor, unless all my own efforts fail...
so I'm pouring down the Echinacea Teas...Zinc and Vitamin C...slathering myself with
Vicks VapoRub...bundling...and trying to rest.

Mostly...I'm trying to 'will' myself to feel better...
believe it or not...
that usually works.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Bonanza Shop

Now that I've found I have more time on my hands
than I thought I would normally have during the holiday season,
I've decided I'm going to do some
new pieces especially for my
CMZ Art Bonanza Shop.

The shops there operate a bit different than they do on
and for some reason...
I do like this little shop.

I just haven't had enough 'new' stuff to put in it...
(It started out as my 1000 Markets Shop)
and then I could separate Rustic Goth and CMZ Art
which was my original intention.
Since I can't really do that anymore..
I want to remove all of the Rustic Goth items
and make it exclusively
CMZ Art.

I'm looking forward to it...because I think it
will be fun to do some new art for this shop.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Solitary Celebration

Today is my husband's birthday...
and I'm usually a little depressed on this day...
today I decided to do something a little different.
I'm having a 'solitary celebration' of sorts.
I'm scratching off Bingo tickets.

You'd have to know me to know this is not something
I usually do.

When we moved to Lincoln in husband
started playing the lottery and the scratch off Bingo.
Even if he bought me a ticket to scratch off...I usually let
him do it.
He got more of a kick out of it than I did...
he ALWAYS won way more than I ever did.

I have continued to play the lottery numbers that he picked..
every single day...
and I haven't won nearly as much back as he did over the years.
He managed to almost 'break even'...and I admit
I'm a bit 'in the hole'...
I do it
because it is something he was very passionate about
and I figure

Anyway...when my sister and her husband
helped get my son here a week or so ago...she bought
a bunch of scratch off tickets.
Mostly the 1.00 and 2.00 tickets...
and managed to win most of her money back.
So..she kept playing.

When she got back to Wyoming
she discovered she had a bunch of winning tickets
that she couldn't do anything with.
So..she sent them to me.

I got tickets with all of the winnings...and won
a bit more than the tickets she sent me...
turned those in...won some more (but not quite as much)
and so on...
Finally I decided
that was the game my husband played from the day we
moved here
until the day he went into the hospital for the last time...
and I turned my winnings in for a batch of Bingo
We'll have to see...
Maybe I'll win BIG on his birthday:)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Show Season Over

I have posted much of this information on my
other blog
but I wanted to be sure to include
this information on both...
since this is the blog that I give on the business cards
that I hand out at local shows.

We will not be doing the November or December Shows
at the Lancaster Event Center.

I have been dealing with a family emergency since
mid October...and we just will not have the time or resources
to be able to finish out the scheduled shows.
Our apologies to those who had planned to visit our
booth for their Christmas shopping!

You can find the same items in our respective shops...
CMZ Art d.b.a. Rustic Goth
Mike and Jaime Best d.b.a. Best Art Studios 2.

Be sure to visit our shops frequently as we will be offering items
especially for Christmas...
not available at other times of the year...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Family Visit

I've had a family emergency that has taken a lot
 of my time these past two weeks...
much of this week was spent visiting with family
(my youngest sister and her husband) from Wyoming were here...
I hadn't seen them in a couple of years
so it was wonderful to spent a few days with them...
but I really did get backed up with my work.

They've always had exotic brother in law
LOVES his Raccoons...and their latest 'baby' is so darned cute.

Cora is a blond raccoon and about 7 months old now...
and she IS spoiled.
My sister says she is like having two or three
toddlers running around the house getting into everything.

I rode with them on a trip to visit our last living uncle
who is quite ill...
and Cora decided she wanted to 'meet' the new person on the ride.

So she pulled my hair.
It didn't hurt...but it did startle me.
She is a cutie though!!