Thursday, July 31, 2008

SALE Ends Today

My CMZ Art 3-4-2
Christmas in July
ends today!!
Last chance for a number of the prints
I currently have listed in the shop.
And, REMEMBER you can combine
prints from my CMZ Art shop and prints
from my Rustic Goth shop.
With FREE Shipping!
This will be my only sale in either shop
this year.
Beginning August 1st...
I will be discontinuing a number of
existing prints
to make room for new
I may be a little O.C.D...but, I only like
to have a certain number of items in
my shop at any given time.
I occasionally will re-introduce some of the pieces
I feel particularly fond of...but then, only for short
periods of time.
My 'retired' pieces may find new 'homes' elsewhere
if I am particularly passionate about them...
others will find their way to
their little 'retirement' homes to live out
the rest of their days.

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