Sunday, July 6, 2008

My a nutshell!

I've gotten so many convos lately...from the sweetest people who have read my bio in my CMZ Art Etsy shop. I really appreciate people taking the time to comment on my artwork and offer me words of encouragement. I means a lot.

(This is my Etsy bio...)

"I am a self-taught full time artist. I grew up in a very small community of 1,000 people. While we did have a public school...we didn't have art classes, girls sports, or a lot of other things most schools offer these days.
I 'dabbled' in art, whenever the opportunity presented itself, but I didn't get "serious" until I was confined to bed while carrying my fourth child.
My dear husband, sensing how boring it was to just lie there and look at the same old programs on TV, bought me an art set, some canvas paper and "set me free". I came as close as I could to the paintings on the backs of Reader's Digest magazines. Every member of my family got an original painting for Christmas the following year.
Thirty years have passed and I have been painting ever since.
Now I am alone, my husband (and best friend in the whole world) passed away in June of 2006. I paint to survive. It is what keeps me going..not to mention, it is my only income. I'm not old enough for social security..and it will be a while yet!
I do have six children (five of them live close by) and nine grandchildren (again, five live close by.)
They are my sources of inspiration...truly!
Most of the paintings I paint are directly inspired by them..and I include subtle references of them in most of my paintings..
It has been an extremely difficult two years, having to try to cope and adjust to life on my own.(it hasn't been pretty.)
My husband spoiled me to the point that, I don't think I made a dozen pots of coffee total in the course of thirty five years. He always made coffee and brought me a cup every morning when he woke me up. His very last day at home, even though he could hardly walk on his own...he made coffee and poured me a cup before he woke me up!
I wouldn't be painting today if it weren't for my husband. Not only did he buy my first set of paints...he encouraged me for thirty years to make art my just took most of those years to convince me that it was possible.
I really do miss him...
and while my sadness is reflected in many of the paintings I have done the past two years...I have begun to mix in some 'lighter' pieces that reflect the gratitude I have for what I have been given."

It does rather sum up my a nutshell.

I make my living from the internet...from a few others. (Mostly Etsy!)
I paint, as often as I can...usually only one or two originals (per site) a week...sometimes less..sometimes more (depending on my schedule).
I create several digital 'paintings' each week..sometimes using bits and pieces of original paintings...sometimes photographs of some of my possessions..sometimes using vintage photos from public domain.
I try very hard to list, at least five new pieces...per site...each week. Sometimes I am able to list more....sometimes less.

I take care of my two youngest grandchildren weekday afternoons, so their parents can work. My daughter Jaime, also a self taught full time artist with two Etsy shops, helps me...little people can be a I'm thankful for her help.

I do my artwork late..late nights (usually until about 6 a.m.)...grab a few hours sleep, before the grandbabies a lot of cartoons...have backyard 'adventures' some planets and the solar system (my youngest grandson is very interested in our universe) packing and shipping.
Most evenings are spent with several of my children, eating together...watching some TV best watched in groups...our current favs are...'So You Think You Can Dance'...(we think Mia Michaels is a choreograhic genius)..........'The Next Food Network Star'.....'Design Star'.....and we have 'Project Runway' coming soon!

Saturdays are MY days...I can spend them in the my house...'chilling out'...or whatever! It rather depends on how my week has gone.
Sundays are 'family days'...

It's not nearly as boring as it sounds...usually:)

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