Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Original Art...

I've had a number of questions
from collectors
asking me when I will be listing
original paintings.
I do understand they are
referring to
acrylic (or oil) paint on stretched canvas...

Original painting
Acrylic paint on stretched canvas

"Alice And The Cheshire Cat"

This piece is an Original.

It is also a print.

I illustrated the characters first by hand

then, digitally colored the piece in Photoshop.

"Good Day"

This is my own original character, based on
an original painting..but, I consider
this a 'Print of my Painting'
rather than an 'Original Print'
since the original piece
has been sold.
Wow...hope that didn't confuse anyone.
Anyway...for those who wonder
when I will be doing more original paintings..
I can only say..not as often as I would like...
because of my very busy schedule.
If you're looking for an original
by me..
don't overlook my digital originals..
many times these are 'one of a kind' originals..

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