Monday, July 28, 2008

My private collection....

I have several paintings in my "private collection"...which mean, my children will 'inherit' them when I am "gone". I have several pieces, the only ones left, that were painted by my husband. Needless to say, those stay 'with' me.

Then I have those that I have painted throughout the years.

My very first oil painting...a landscape...that I still think is pretty darned good for my first attempt.

I have a painting of 'dandelions' that I painted in in the 80's....with one hand...while I held the seeded dandelion with the other. I love how that piece turned out...and it never has been for sale.

I have several paintings...of Jesus...that I painted when we lived in Nashville. I love those pieces..I've had several 'offers' but, those were too personal to part with. I also painted a collection of 'homeless' pieces at that same time...again...too personal to part with.

These two paintings...were painted in 2005 and 2007. I offered 'Some Kind of Blues' a couple of times...and then decided, it has a special meaning to me so I pulled the listing and hung the painting on my wall.

'Contemplating Life'...seems like such a suitable companion to 'Some Kind of Blues' I hung it on the wall next to it.

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