Friday, July 25, 2008

Another unexpected day 'off'

Wow!! Two days in the same week that I haven't had the grandbabies...not sure how I'll be able to act!

Love my grandbabies....but, honestly...I rarely get much done while they're here. They are sooo very curious of each and everything that I do...sometimes it's fun to explain what I'm doing and let them watch...and sometimes "help"...most of the time though...they really can't it's easier if I wait until they've gone home.

Now...I've got a two day week-end to get some work done...let me see....shall I clean house or get some paintings done????

We'll just have to see.
Oh yeah....Betty, at Anna Leah Designs has listed a few more pendants with my artwork on them in her lovely Etsy shop.

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