Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A quick rant...

I almost always avoid forums and discussions, where folks are mad about something and sharing more negatives than I feel comfortable witnessing.....I really think people should try to get along...though I don't believe in being another's 'door-mat' either.

Back in my ebay days, when I was new to selling my art online, I happened across a very negative discussion concerning two artists...one was accusing the other of copying--and, if memory serves--I think the accuser threatened a lawsuit...I don't know what happened...I think the accused left for a while and then came back with a whole new style.

I really don't follow artists that aren't members of my family. I admire a lot of artists and what they create...but, I try very hard not to be consciously influenced by anyone else. (I'm sure there are more subconscious influences than I'm probably aware of...especially by cartoon artists, given the number of cartoons I have on, while the grandbabies are here!)

Anyway...back to my quick rant... someone messaged me today, to tell me that they believe my style is a little too similar to theirs and that I was using their 'copyrighted' title for one of my prints. (This is Me ranting....) "If my style is similar...it is very coincidental...since my style hasn't changed much in the thirty plus years that I have been painting ... no doubt longer than this artist has been alive...and as for titles...again --coincidence.... though I did reply that, titles cannot be copyrighted . Believe me...I've been around long enough to do my homework whenever necessary...I think I saw one of my 'titles' used on someone else's work once and after investigating..but, before any confrontation...I checked into it.............it is allowed! So, I no longer 'check' to see if a particular title I am using is being used by anyone else...and why I use a lot of song titles and lyrics as titles for my paintings. I just title my pieces whatever seems to 'fit'."

The irony of this.............the person who messaged me...... the same artist accused of copying in the forum discussion I stumbled upon in ebay....and to think...I really felt sympathy for her back in the day:(

Oh well....sorry for my little 'tirade'...it just upset me a little bit and since the kids had already gone home I felt the need to "get it out'.... I'm better now!
And......I finally got a couple of pictures of my daughter's dog...'Willie'.....they aren't the best...but you can still tell how cute he is:)

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