Monday, July 21, 2008

MY "Newz"....

Starting TODAY...I am having a


in both of my Etsy Shops!

Buy 2 Prints (of the same size)

and get the third Print (of the same size) FREE!

PLUS Free Shipping.

And...for readers of my blogs ONLY...

you can combine your prints from both shops

as long as they are the same sizes.


you can purchase two 5" x 7" prints from my CMZ Art Shop

and select your third 5" x 7" from my Rustic Goth Shop...if you want.
I will be ending...forever...a number of my prints,
after this sale has ended..
to make room for my new fall - prints, paintings and other NEW items!




A few of pendants, featuring my art, can now be found on Etsy
She only has a couple at the moment
she is making more
as we 'speak':)


Natalie Jane said...

WOW. LOVE your stuff!!! If you ever want to do a little trading for some handmade earrings, let me know....

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

Oooohhh! Your jewelry is so nice...I really wished I still wore it! Thanks so much for your lovely comment and the never know...I may one day leave my house again and decide to 'dress up' for the occasion.
If I do, I'll 'jump' on your offer!
Thanks again!