Thursday, August 7, 2008

What I'm 'Up' To....

I've been working on quite a few new
digital pieces that I will be listing in a few weeks.
I think I need to sketch out a bunch of ideas first though...
maybe I'll be able to work a bit faster if I do that.
The new pendants we're putting together are
coming right along
and I am soooo pleased with how
they're looking.
I am hoping to have several to list
over the week-end,
but I don't know if we'll have
them ready by then.
Simon 'informed' us yesterday that...
"you never do anything with me and Ava anymore"
I confess...we haven't!
We've been so busy with work
that we haven't done as many 'projects' with
the grandbabies as we usually do.
we are going to make
'Thomas and Friends'
'Dora The Explorer'
This means that the pendants
will have to wait!
It is what it is!
I've certainly learned the
value of time spent with loved ones...
they really MUST come first!

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