Saturday, August 30, 2008

Busy on other sites!

I have been quite busy this week...even though I did
try to take a bit of a break on my
it didn't exactly work out that way.
We spent much of the afternoon
putting together the new printer.
We decided to print a couple
large prints (since one of us have already sold one) and
it took us a good long bit to get it all figured out.
We did...and the prints came out so close to the
actual paintings... we were thrilled!
So, I took the rest of the day to start revamping
some of my other sites... they were so far overdue!
I'll have some NEW pieces ready to list
by Monday night!
New note---on this subject!
I was quite surprised to find
that my 'work on some of my different sites'
actually provided some lovely results.
Friday I sold 200 magnets
on my CMZ Art Zazzle site!

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