Sunday, August 3, 2008

Coming the Shop!

I've got some wonderful new pieces almost ready to list in the shop.
Some 4x6" thick and chunky canvas paintings..."Just Trees"...series!

They are very reminiscent of Jaime's trees, but with my own 'take'.

I did some of these a few years ago...on much bigger canvas...and just didn't like having to bend over for such long periods of canvas just seemed to solve that problem.

I'm also working on some 'primitive'-folk pieces....I really haven't done any of these in such a long time...I thought I'd give it another go.

And...mirrors....they're all finally listed! I only did four designs for my CMZ Art shop...and six designs for Rustic Goth!

We're waiting for some more jewelry findings to come we can get more pendants finished and listed...hopefully by the end of next week!

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