Friday, August 22, 2008

A few of my other sites.

is my primary
I do have a few other
shops that
I think worthy of mention.
I feel kind of bad that they haven't received
more attention than they have.

I've been here for
almost a year.
I have recently decided that I will offer
ALL of my ACEO/ATC originals and prints
on this site,
beginning September 1st, 2008.

I don't offer anything for sale on this site
but, I've been a member for about
four's a really great little website
with some really wonderful art and artists.

An art auction site, with 'Buy Now' options on
certain listings.
I've had a 'shop' here since 2005.

This is a relatively new shop for me.
I am currently in the process of
creating some pieces,
(or offering prints of some of my paintings not offered elsewhere)
especially for this shop.
I have a couple of shops on Zazzle
and one on CafePress
that I will feature in the next week or two.

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