Monday, August 4, 2008

I meant to update the was just too hot to do ANYTHING!

I really meant to update the Shop
at least add SOMETHING new
it was just really really tooooo hot to do anything
but sit in front of the fan
and try to stay as cool as possible.
We did put a small window air conditioner
in the living room window..
hopefully it will cool things off enough
to make it bearable
in the house.
Even the air unit in the studio is working
overtime..and all for naught!
It's just toooo hot!
I didn't want to
list the little 4x6 'Trees' paintings
until I've had a chance to
varnish them first.
When I'm able to do that
I'll get them on:)
Today is my oldest daughter's (Wendy) birthday!!!

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