Sunday, December 28, 2008

Shipping days changing.

Things have gotten quieter,
now that the Christmas holidays have passed.
We'll have another 'get-together' for New Year's Eve
and New Year's a family...and then
back to business.
This little break from everything
has given me the chance to start
'taking stock' about what I will do in the
New Year.
The one thing I will have to do...without exception...
is twice weekly printing and shipping.
I intended to do that this past year
and ended up doing it...almost daily.
With all that I have going on now,
I'm cutting it back to,
Tuesday and Friday printing...
Wednesday and Saturday packing and shipping.
International packages will still be shipped once
weekly..on Wednesday.
This will give me the time I need to paint
and create new digital pieces...
and to devote to the other things that I am
now involved in.

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