Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's Been A Couple of Days...

It's been a couple of days since my last post and
during that time I've managed to 'bury myself' with
a lot of new things that need my attention.
I've now written several articles that I'm waiting
to see if they'll be published. Hopefully they will.
I've applied to six writing jobs and one illustrator position, that I'm waiting
to hear back on. Actually, I heard back on was the 'employer'
seeing if I was interested...I didn't respond to that one. I hadn't
yet found my way around the site and wasn't quite sure
what I was supposed to do. Besides, I still hadn't taken
the online tests to qualify me for the position. Seemed a bit
premature for anyone to contact me.
The other, I had my reservations about even applying,
as I noticed that that the average hourly wage for those applying
for that position was less than half of what I was asking...and when you
can get workers who go as low as $.44 a hour...YES...forty four cents an hour...
are you kidding me????
Anyway, I still have my Etsy Shops...of course...and as soon as
I start making enough to pay my bills, they will once again get my full attention...
but, until then...a 'girl' has to survive!!!

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