Friday, December 26, 2008

Looking ahead to the New Year.

2008 hasn't been that bad for myself and my family.
None of us have 'struck it rich', painted the
next masterpiece or written the Great American Novel.
We haven't hit the lottery and most of the
family live from one paycheck to the next...
but it hasn't been a horrible year...
so I guess I consider it a pretty good year..over all.
I wanted to post a reminder that the
sale I've had going in my Shop
has only five days left.
I'll be putting everything that will
remain the shop back to regular price, beginning
January 1st.
And, in Pendants Plus,
we'll begin including shipping costs
on the items that have had
free shipping.
We had a very nice Christmas,
without anyone going overboard,
and once things settle down
a bit, and all purchases have been shipped,
I'll be starting on
some new pieces that I am hoping
to put in the shop
in 2009.

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roentarre said...

Beautiful writing and I love the music. So sooothing.