Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm better today.

At my age, you would think that I would know
better than to have any expectations about anything
as 'iffy' as online art sales.
If I were selling Wiis..iPods..or any one of a number
of 'hot selling' items online...I might have reason to
But, I'm better today. I've decided
that I'm going to have to take on some other kind
of supplement my art business.
I haven't had to worry about this for the past four
years...but, I guess...we're in a recession
and hopes and wishes don't pay the bills.
With that said...yes, the amount of new artwork that I
am able to list in my CMZ Art Etsy Shop
and in Rustic Goth and
will all be affected.
I've decided to run the current all three shops...until after
Then, between Christmas and the first of next year...
I'll put everything in all three shops back to their regular prices.
I won't be spending as much time, the rest of this year, working
on new projects for any of the I will need to spend that time, instead,
on new employment endeavors.
I will keep completely current on correspondence..
through the Etsy Shops conversations (I only check my email--since
I have several--about once a week.)
and I'll remain current on all packing and shipping.
I'm going to take on a couple part-time positions...which will leave
plenty of time for everything I would have to do
that is shop(s) related.

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