Monday, December 29, 2008

A few changes in the New Year.

Beginning January 1st
I will no longer carry the little
pocket mirrors in either of my shops.
Since I have to order the mirrors
from another Etsy seller...
and the last batch took more than a month
to receive...
it's just easier to retire
these little treasures.
I will continue to offer art pendants occasionally,
when I have enough completed to list several
at once.
A lot of the tree prints I currently have on
will be ended in the New Year
and I will be replacing them with
a new series of
character based paintings and prints.
I've got a lot of new things
planned for the New Year and I've already
begun working on them.
As soon as things get 'back to normal'
I'll begin working harder
and listing more.
Just another quick reminder...
my shopwide sale does end
December 31st!

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