Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm just here for a Haircut...

My hair had gotten long enough
and frightful enough
that it appeared maybe I was looking
to audition for 'Wicked'.
Last Christmas, one of my children
gave me a gift card to a local
salon, so I could go get my hair cut,
So...I was evidently looking pretty
raggy back then.
Well, I finally took the card, went out over the
week-end and got my hair cut.
I took in pictures, I often do, for the type of
cut I was looking for. I don't expect to end up looking
like the models in the pictures...I'm just giving them
a general idea of what I want. I know what my hair
will do and what it won't...so I stick to those
kinds of examples.
Needless to say, if my hair EVER does come anything
close to the pictures I showed...I'll have to wait
a couple more months to find out. It's way too short.
That's okay...I guess I can wait.
I'm not sure if my "stylist"...
and I use the term very loosely...
has had any 'refresher courses' since beauty school
or not...
She didn't seem to understand what I was wanting...
perhaps that was because she was too busy
wanting to 'chat'...
I really didn't come in to chat...
I'm just here for a haircut...
here's two pictures...use those as examples of what I'm wanting.
Still...she insisted on 'chatting'...
I said I sleep with a fan going...
she said, I might as well listen to water drip..
I said I just wanted a shampoo and cut..
and use my pictures as a guideline...
she tried to talk me into a 'wax'...
I don't think so!!
I'll grow a mustache and beard
thank you very much!
I asked if she'd ever seen any of the
hair stylist reality shows...
she said she didn't care for Simon...
oh my gosh...
I'm just trying to be nice and partake
in conversation that she seemed
determined to have...
I didn't realize it was a monologue.
Finally...I told her I don't use
'product' on my hair...
even as long as it was...
I just shampoo...towel dry...and let it do
it's own thing.
I've ALWAYS done this, since college.
I do not want Product..
"not even a little Gel"
No...get away from me...I do not want
gel or mousse or hairspray...
I didn't realize that a little dab of gel
would add $8.00 to the cost
of the cut...
see..then it's considered a 'style'.
I stuck to my guns...
no product.
Paid the cost of a cut...not a style..
gave a really good tip
(actually my youngest daughter did)
in spite of my better judgement..
(I would have tipped...according to my 'pleased' factor.)
It reminded me why I let my hair grow,
I have yet to find someone who will
cut my hair, give me what I want,
and not insist that I converse with them.
Really..I don't want any distractions..
I just want what I came in for...
"I'm just here for a haircut...one of these please!"

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Becky said...

HA! I'll grow a mustache and a beard, thank you very much! - Too funny, Charlene!!! =P