Saturday, November 3, 2007

Please Check Etsy Daily....

I will be listing something new on Etsy daily. Here is a little preview of a few new prints and ACEO limited edition prints.

I am just getting this site up and operational and it gives me a freedom that I have longed for since becoming part of my second group.

I need the freedom of deciding what I want to list...when I want to much (or how little) I want to list. Now it looks like I will finally have it....YAY!!!

Ebay hasn't 'artist friendly' for quite a few months, so it is nice to find a site that seems easier...and much friendlier.

Time will tell, and I suppose I've become a little 'gun-shy' after eBay.....but I do look forward to a long and happy relationship with Etsy:)

It's already off to a really good start!


I have also set this blog site up as 'my signature' in my email. Cool..huh!

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