Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Not sure what it's going to take...

For three years, eBay has provided us a fair income. For the most part, we could pay our bills and purchase supplies.
Then, for some reason I do not understand, eBay decided to change the way our listings came up. Our featured listings (yes, I do go on about paying the $25 a pop, don't I) were buried, according to time listed and time ending, in the midst of both features and non-features.
What the hell.....? We were being buried by listings with an average cost of 1.50 per listing....what was the point in featuring????
Then, to top that off...the major power sellers figured out how to further bury the 'also-rans'.
They opened new shops and by doing this, they found that they could constantly 'revise' their items and keep themselves on the front page at all times. They linked their main site into their new one and voila...front page coverage 24/7 for both sites. But, who said life was fair...!??
For the rest of us...we could 'revise' all we wanted and all we got for our efforts was, further buried.
I go on about this...obviously, it is still bothering me. I rather felt like we were 'forced out' by the major sellers..and eBay's disregard for the smaller vendors. I know we chose to leave..but, it probably wouldn't have come up had it not been for the surprise changes and glitches!

With this being our primary source of does create a bit of stress! (Damned eBay anyway!)

Anyway...with that out of my system, once again, I will say that I do enjoy my Etsy Shops. (I really do...though I still have a lot to when to list, how many items to list...and even, what to list.)
I also now have two Zazzle Shops, as well. I've had the Tuscan Art Zazzle Shop for a year now. I know because I made my first sale there last December. Of course, I've made twelve sales on that site and still haven't reached the minimum for payout. YIKES!!!
But, I'm also on CAFE PRESS...for longer than I've been on Zazzle...and still have never made even one sale there!

I really am 'out there' ... all over the place!
If you don't believe me...just 'Google' Charlene Zatloukal and see how many places I come up!

I don't know if I just need to change what I do...may it is just too 'ordinary'. Certainly I'm sure that I'm not marketing myself very well...but, I'm not sure how in the world to do that either.

On the plus side...Jaime has been approached by a Gallery in Burbank CA. Hopefully she'll have some originals in the gallery there soon! I'm glad one of us is having some success!

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