Monday, November 26, 2007

I Stay Up Far Too Late...

I stay up far too late. Most nights, or I should say mornings, I finally go to bed about 5:30. It started when I sat up every night with my husband. He had cancer and the last couple of months were pretty rough.
Now, it seems no matter how hard I try, I can't get to sleep any earlier, so I stay up until I get tired. I work as late as I dare, (if I work too late I find that I am still too alert when I go to bed and then it is usually 7 or 8 before I can get to sleep.)
Now that I have a couple of my grandbabies every weekday, I really need to try to turn my schedule around. Some days they come at noon...and four hours just isn't enough sleep to deal with little my age anyway!
Jaime and I started watching my youngest grandbabies about a month ago. My #3 son works the second shift and my lovely daughter-in-law just went back to the insurance company, we all used to work at, and works the first shift. This leaves anywhere from three to five hours, depending on my son's schedule, that we have the babies--they're not actually babies anymore--one is four and the other two--but, they're my 'babies'. I need Jaime to help...I did say they were four and two didn't I..???
One day last week, Ava suddenly 'came up missing'...I was trying to squeeze a little computer work in, while Jaime was busy with Simon...and no one noticed Ava quietly slip into the bathroom. She wasn't 'gone' for very long...just long enough to take the potty out of the potty chair, fill the toilet with toilet paper and proceed to dip and dump the clumpy water from the toilet bowl to the floor. She was soooo pleased with herself!! Luckily the water was clean!!
We usually try to have some kind of activities and change them up as often as possible, so that the time they are with us isn't too horribly boring. It makes life easier for all of us when we do this. Unfortunately, last week Jaime and I were both so tired and not at all we watched far too many cartoons and opened ourselves up to babies trying to entertain themselves. We'll have to do better this week!
I decided to switch things up a bit over the week-end. I haven't done collages in ages and I rather missed doing them. I ended up doing eight of them. Four for the CMZart on Etsy and four for Rustic Goth on Etsy.
I think I'll wait to do more until I can get some beeswax, so these may be all the collages I do until after the first of the year.

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