Saturday, November 29, 2008

New Pieces for Pendants Plus

Over the next couple of days,

I will be listing all of the new

Bamboo Tile


Glass Tile


that we have ready in the

If you haven't already checked them out

we have

HANDPAINTED bamboo tile pendants

for ONLY $8.oo--with Free shipping...

that's a bargain

(if I do say so myself)

We're going to offer them for that price

until the end of the year.

The glass tile pendants

are $7.50--with free shipping.

Check them out .

1 comment:

cannwin said...

Those are beautiful. I'm impressed. I'll have to send my husband your way with a wink and a nod... can't say that'll help much, I've been winking and nodding for years and I have yet to get anything besides a wedding ring. *sigh*

They are very nice though.