Sunday, November 9, 2008

I need to bring back the 'list'.

Years ago I had a list for 'everything'...
well..almost everything.
And, my lists kept me punctual,
organized and 'on top' of everything!
I had all of the condiments and spices
I needed, on hand, all of the time.
I never ran of out kleenex, charmin,
toothpaste or deodorant. chores..
they were always done timely and efficiently! house was clean...
my workspace, organized...
my time...well I actually had more of it
to enjoy!
Then...someone made jest of all of the notes
and lists I had all over the place...
and I quit!
I haven't had a clean house or an organized workspace
I think the time has come...
to bring back the lists.
I just hope my house isn't too cluttered....
I'm afraid they might get 'lost'.

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