Sunday, November 16, 2008

How many backlinks do you have?

This really isn't me 'crying''s me...exhausted!
I've been doing soooo much 'online studying' the past couple
of days, my eyes are beginning to droop...and yes, there is
a tear or two that escapes from time to time.
When I was much, much younger...I really wanted to write...
so I wrote and wrote...every spare moment I got.
I won't go into why I went into art instead...
Anyway...I have my online studying (about writing)
I've run
across a lot of information that was me..
the information I learned today was...
how to check for 'backlinks' on my different sites.
In short...
go to Yahoo search...
and you get
all of the sites that are linked to your site.
I found it very interesting...
it gave me several sites that I had no idea
had included links to this blog
on their sites.


Keeley said...


Just came accross your comment and had to say "am with you on this one".
I love writing to and there is so much to learn - at present drinking very strong coffee to stay awake.

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

Thanks for your comment!
I'm always hoping I can 'go to bed at a decent hour'..I never do! It's now 6 am and I'm hoping I can make it to bed by 7...I have so much work to do tomorrow (or should I say..later today!)