Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A word about 'special requests'

I have been working, pretty much...round the clock.
I've got my original art pieces...
new 'large' prints...
"Pendants Plus" pendants...
and on..
and on..
and on...
And...let us not forget...the GrandBabies!
What this brings me to is..
I am going to be very firm about
accepting special requests for
custom orders.
I'm not sure why...but, 9 of 10 of those custom orders
never actually go through to completion..
I complete the order..
but the buyer seldom completes the payment.
And..then, I end up with a piece that was created
for someone else!
I feel passionate enough about reinforcing this decision, that I actually
am blogging about it in BOTH of my blogs today!
Maybe it's my way of kicking my own behind for
'making an exception'.
I really do know better!

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