Friday, September 5, 2008

This Long Week-End...

I've got another long week-end


this time,

I'll get lots done.

I have got two


paintings finished!

They're very..very different from

anything I've done before..and I'm quite excited

to get them listed. But, I'm not sure if I will hold off

until I get two or three more finished...then list them all at once...we'll see!'re still working on those pieces...I've got some

new art designs that I'd like to include with this batch.

I'm hoping I can start listing

some of these items in the Shop
over the week-end.

And...just for Becky...

sorry that my memory is about a milli-second long..

I was going to show you this piece and forgot...

but, here it is...before I forget again:)

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