Thursday, September 25, 2008

Doing the RIGHT thing...a $104 Fine??? much does it cost to..
do the RIGHT thing???
I guess it's $104.00!
Last night, Ryan had to run a quick errand
and he slightly scraped the bumper of a van
that was parked (almost, but not quite) too close
to our driveway. It's been parked there, at least a day...maybe longer.
It's pretty banged and battered...
Ryan cut it a little too close
and slightly scraped the bumper ... as well as a little bit on my car...
very minor damage...
what to do????
Don't know who owns the van..
probably better call the police!
It seemed like the right thing to do!
because he called...
and admitted he bumped the van..
it was an 'automatic' $104.00 fine!
So what did the police officer say?
If the van had been six inches closer to the driveway...
it would have been ticketed...and Ryan would not!
And..the officer added...'you would have been
better off just leaving a note under the windshield wiper...'
Oh well...I try to teach my kids to
'do the right thing'...
and I still think that he did:)

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