Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Tuscan Art

It has occurred to me that I have
woefully neglected any
mention of my
Tuscan Art Zazzle shop.

For three years...2004-05 and 06...
I concentrated a lot on
'tuscan art'...
I 'opened' my Tuscan Art Zazzle Shop
at the same time.

Since that time...I have pretty much
just let that poor shop
tend itself.
And yet...I sell items on quite
a regular basis from the shop.
I've sold several sets of Tuscan mugs...
all kinds of cards and magnets.

I guess it's easier to keep 'on top' of a shop
that one has to manually tend to
on a daily basis.
If you don't tend to it...
you risk losing it.

With can set it up
and forget about it
until you get a royalty payment.

Zazzle is really easy to use...
you upload your pictures...
select your product...
write a description...
set a royalty amount...
and offer your product for sale.

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