Sunday, July 12, 2009

Addicted to Meerkats

My son-in-law was talking about Meerkats
a year or so ago...
he was telling me about
their behavior...and such! was enough
that I decided to look at Meerkat Manor
to see what he was going on and on

So...long story short...
I became addicted!

I'm into reruns now...since
I haven't been able to find out when...or if...
the next season will begin!

I have found myself talking to
the TV...warning Mozart not to have a 'trist' with Carlos...
"if she gets pregnant...her mother, Flower, might evict her."

I am so fascinated by these little
'inhabitants of the Kalahari Desert'..
they've made me laugh...cry...
and talk to my TV!

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