Thursday, July 23, 2009

Getting ready for Fall.

I know it is still mid-summer but...
Jaime and I went to Hobby Lobby over the
and I was reminded of
my 'craft show' days.

There were rows and rows of
Halloween and Fall
and Halloween and Fall craft materials
for the crafters.

A few rows after those

I will confess that my husband and I just couldn't bring ourselves
to do our Christmas crafts quite this early...
in the twenty years we did craft shows we often
had to put finishing touches on our items
the night before each show.

But...since we are seriously entertaining
the possibility of doing a few
craft shows this year
(it's been five or six years since I last did a show)
we're going to have to start
getting things worked out.
For one thing...we need to get our fees
in now..
or we won't have an option.

So...we'd better get our deciding done pretty quickly!

If we go for it..
I'll be sure to preview some of the items here.
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