Friday, July 17, 2009

A little about me...

I grew up in the fifties and sixties.
For anyone doing the 'math'...
that puts me
"fast approaching sixty"!

Wow!!! Where did the time go???

I guess it's the old saying...
'time flies when you're having fun!'

Before I started selling my art online,
back in 2004,
my husband and I used to
go to estate auctions,
garage sales,
junk stores...
just to see what 'treasures' we could find.

We turned a lot of our 'finds' into
wonderful 're-purposed'
gems that we sold at local craft fairs.
I sooo wished I had taken pictures
of some of these pieces...
they were so cool!

So...Jaime (my youngest daughter) and I were
talking the other day.
It's been over three years since we last
went to an estate auction...
it's time we remedy that!

There are a couple of auctions coming up this week-end
that I really want to go to.
My funds almost non-existent at the moment
so we'll have to see if that changes...
just look at the 'very partial' list
of treasures available
at this upcoming auction...

Meat Saw, Old fans, Oil cans, Yard/ garden & hand tools, End tables, Lawn chair, Computer, Lights, Swimming pool parts, Wire, Ariens snow blowere, Kenmore propane outside grille, Table / w chairs, Ceiling fan, Ladders/ wooden/ aluminum, Doors, Screens, Windows, Oil filters, Quilt frames, Baskets, Sad iron, Crocks, Military foot locker, Insulators, Jars, Hose, Hose reel, Old car parts, Christmas items, Clocks, Tupperware.....


Besides looking for other people's 'treasures'
I do so enjoy
I haven't done a craft show
in five or six years...
but I think I'd like to do one or two
this coming fall!

I guess it will depend on what goodies I
can find in the meantime.

The week-end of the fourth we visited my
husband's family... and I 'fell in love'.
My brother and sister-in-law
have the
CUTEST Yorkie puppy....
with a Giant personality.

I am a 'renter' ... so I am not supposed to have
I really do want a little 'love' like Bella.
She was just sooo darned cute and so funny!

Shoot...maybe it's time I thought about
getting a different house!

We'll see.

I usually 'run' from the camera...
so this pic...of about
ten or so years old...
but...I decided to be 'brave' and post a pic...
I figured...
"why not?"

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