Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just kicking it...

You know, with the exception
of the
time directly following
the loss of
the 'love of my life'
(a year or so..that was...
..more or less..lost)
this is the first time in a while
that I have just not
painted anything in about a month.
At least I think it's been a month.
Things were getting a little too much
like they'd gotten on eBay...
and I was beginning to feel a little
like an 'art factory'...
so...I'm just 'kicking it'.
I'm doing some 'off Etsy' work...
and I'm also
watching some 'reality' t.v.
which like
A LOT...
I guess they're kind of like
this era's 'game shows'...
or something!
And I'm also doing a
but...I'm finding it...
So..I was
Carla Hall
did not win
Top Chef!
She 'listened' to her
sous chef,
(Casey...from Hung's Season)
and did something
she had never done before...
Nooooo!! Carla!!!
Not on THE Final Challenge!! was
fun to watch..
and the only way it
affects my life at all....
I was entertained..
not worried about all of
the things that go along with
day to day living!

what about that little
Allison Iraheta...
from last night's
Idol show!!!
She sang Heart's
and I thought she
was fabulous!!
I think she really
should make it to the
top 12!

Just a little bit
of what I've been

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