Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Is there value in Original Art by Living Artists?

I decided to do a few articles on, purchasing original art. After submitting them for publication, I thought I might want to write a couple posts about the same subject right here.
I've heard so many views on whether or not there is value in purchasing original art by an artist who is still living.
My take is...there is often as much value in the original art of a living artist, as there is in the original art of someone who has passed.
While it is true that the artist no longer living will not create another work of art, thus making the art less easy to find, it doesn't automatically make it more valuable.
I'm sure Jasper Johns pieces are fetching much more than they did while he was living, but he commanded some pretty good prices during his lifetime and his art was highly valued.
And, it's not unusual for a piece by living artist, Damien Hirst to go for well over a million dollars. He has a collector base, his art is popular and in demand, so original art by Damien Hirst is very valuable.

It doesn't matter if you purchase an original piece of art through a high end auction house like Sotheby's, a low end auction venue like eBay, a quaint site like Etsy or from your local gallery or art fair, if you like a piece of art and you can afford to purchase it, go for it.
As an investment it will appreciate in value, if only from the enjoyment you have brought into your life and the lives of those around you.
Original art by living artists has value. If it has brightened your life in any way, it's value is, priceless.

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