Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I think I have a 'stalker'..

I think I have a 'stalker'...

For the third time..
in about as many months..
I've had something 'pulled' from Zazzle
for copyright infringement.

This time it was this light blue
'Keep Calm and Carry On' merchandise.

I think if I check, I'll find the red one's probably
been pulled as well.

Last time, it was my
Obama button,
with the 'Rosa Sat...' saying on it.

With the Obama button,
the reason given...
' all images of Martin Luther King
are copyright protected.'

Dumb Ass!!

I DIDN'T USE an image of Martin Luther King...

I didn't even use his full name...I said, "Martin walk(ed)...'

I was maddest about that 'pull' ... since that was
my MOST popular item at the time
and selling like crazy.

They never did 'resolve' the problem.,..
I just sent an email...saying I had NOT infringed on
any copyright..and put the thing back on.

Of course, by then it wasn't such a 'hot' item anymore!
I was soooo pissed!

So, over the week-end I got a new 'violation' over
the 'keep calm' image.

Like it's not in Public Domain and free for anyone to use.

The reference they gave me (for a copyright violation)...
was a link to a shop in England that sells nothing but

'Keep Calm'...merchandise.

Since they don't just pull your merchandise,
someone had to 'report' that I'd violated

It's getting a little tiring!

I think it's bullsh*t, that there's someone
out there THAT is so worried about what
I'm doing or not...
to report me as violating copyright
that I'm not violating.

I decided I would see
how 'involved'
this process was..
so I tried it myself...

I discovered they have to write the
'reason' they think there
was a violation and what it was..

so...no...'oops...sorry...we hit
that button by mistake'
excuse on these.
No...I didn't report anybody
for copyright violation...
though I certainly could have..
if I'd used the same criteria for my own
As a matter of fact..I think there's
still a 'Rosa Sat..' card there
that DOES have a
Martin image on it...wow...really..

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