Friday, February 13, 2009

Is Original Art a Good Investment?

Is Original Art a Good Investment?

Should I spend more to get the original, or save some money and buy a giclee canvas print?

I love original art but, is original art a good investment, especially in today's economy?

According to the experts, collecting original art has proven to be a good investment over the years, both in good times and in bad.
But, it might take quite a few years for your painting to increase significantly in value, in order to make it a good investment.
What are the risks of buying art as an investment? Since it is a long term investment, there are no guarantees that the market will be receptive when you are ready to cash in on your investment.
You need to insure your art, against fire and water damage, and also against theft.
You need to have photograph documents of your collection, appraisals you may have had done, sales receipts, certificates of authenticity and other documentation that will help you prove the value of your art.
Like most things in life, the best gauge of whether or not you think original art might be a good investment would be to go with your instinct. If the thought of purchasing art as investment, makes your palms sweat and gives you heart palpitations, you might want to invest in something like savings bonds. If it is something that you know you would enjoy spending many years with, and it 'feels' good...then go for it!
Original art is a good investment as long as you go in with the understanding that it's value will not appreciate overnight.

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